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Beverly, Benjes # 6821


How long have you been a UKC judge?
I have judged Rally Obedience for 4 years and Agility for 1 year.

Are you a breeder / how long have you been breeding dogs?
I am not a breeder.

How long have you been involved with dogs? (Conformation/Performance)
Have been involved with Airedales last 17 yrs.

What events, if any, do you participate in other than the event type in which you are Judging?
Been involved in performance events for last 10 years including agility, obedience, rally and most recently, conformation.

In 100 words or less, how did you become involved with dogs? Conformation/Performance events)
My husband, Rich, (also a UKC judge) told me that he would buy me any breed of dog that I wanted, however, I would be responsible for the vet bills. Airedales are few in Kansas and I wanted a hardy, all around, sound dog, so I selected an Airedale. Our first Airedale died from cancer at 7 and once we found a replacement, I got involved with our local kennel club in classes and trained for agility and obedience. Our replacement Airedale, Bar-Cley II was trained in obedience by me and in agility by Rich. Agility looked like so much fun that we bought our 3rd Airedale (a male this time) and we would reverse roles and I would train agility with him and Rich would do the obedience. Due to an accident (Rich breaking his kneecap at a UKC agility trial), I took over on the obedience training with Bing. To finish out our Airedale experience, we got our 4th Airedale, Cade, and we both took to task learning to handstrip him for show. Cade is retired from showing and is Rich's agility dog.

In 100 words or less, what do you feel is your biggest accomplishment with your dog(s)? (Conformation/Performance events)
My biggest accomplishment would be learning to handstrip properly and earning conformation Championships on our Airedale, Cade, Cade also holds his URO1 Rally title. Add to that, Bing has his UGRACH and we are working on a second, and his URO2 Rally title. Bar-Cley II has her URO3 Rally title and Rich's bio lists his agility accomplishments with her.