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UKC Easy Entry™ Card

For years, participants and club officials asked for a simpler, more efficient way to enter dogs at UKC licensed events. Some fear loss or damage to their valuable papers and others forget to bring the proper papers resulting in their inability to enter the event. United Kennel Club has devised a means to solve these problems. The answer is the UKC Easy Entry™ Card.

At no additional charge, UKC mails, along with the UKC Registration Certificate and Pedigree, the UKC Easy Entry™ Card. The UKC Easy Entry™ Card may be used in place of the Registration Certificate (Bill of Sale) when entering UKC licensed events. Updated cards will also be mailed, along with the Championship Degree, to the Registrant without charge, each time the dog earns a new UKC title.

Registrants may still enter their dogs on their UKC Registration Certificate (Bill of Sale) if they wish.

NOTE: UKC Easy Entry™ Cards are not transferable. Only the Registrant, whose name appears on the front of the card, or their handler having in their possession the UKC Easy Entry™ Card will gain entry with the card. Once a new Easy Entry™ Card is received, the old one is void.

The UKC Easy Entry™ Card must be signed by the Registrant whose name appears on the front of the card before it can be used to enter a dog in a UKC licensed or authorized event. Should there be any question that the individual is not the same, request additional identification.

Additional Easy Entry™ cards are available for a fee from the Registration Department for dual ownership situations.