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UKC Licensed Treeing Contest Rules


1. Dogs are run for trophies and points only. (Money may not be given as a prize.) No auctioning of dogs permitted.

2. No animals, scent sticks or any other items that may cause interference are allowed in area of tree while dogs are competing.

3. Dogs will be scratched if owner or handler is drinking, or for any unsportsmanlike actions.

4. Any person caught administering unprescribed drugs to any dog will be barred indefinitely from registering dogs and participating in UKC events. Club or association may require blood testing by a licensed veterinarian.

5. Any person intimidating, threatening or injuring a Hunter, Judge, Hunt Master, Club Official or UKC Representative: (a) will be barred for one year up to life from participating in any way (including but not limited to owner, handler, back-up handler, Judge, Guide, Spectator, and Licensed Hunt Master) in any UKC licensed event; and (b) shall be disqualified from having any of their dogs receive any Championship points for one year up to life; and (c) shall be barred from registering any dogs in their name with UKC for one year up to life.

Details and procedures for handling this situation are available from UKC. UKC reserves unto itself, in its sole judgement and discretion, the right to take such action and impose such sanctions as it deems appropriate.

6. The club reserves the right to refuse admittance to the grounds to any dog not in a healthy condition, and they may demand a veterinary examination.

7. The club assumes no responsibility for the safety of the dogs or the individuals.

8. Clubs sponsoring a UKC Licensed Treeing Contest will appoint a Chairman whose responsibility will be to see that the event is run properly and fairly according to official UKC rules. The Chairman cannot enter a dog in a UKC Licensed Treeing Contest where they are serving as the Chairman. Their dogs cannot be entered by a handler.

9. If you have any questions as to how the event is being run, ask the Chairman before the event starts. It is the participant’s responsibility to know the Treeing Contest rules.

10. If questions arise, the Chairman will confer with their panel of Judges to settle any disputes that should arise. Their decision is final.

11. Each Treeing Contest must have a Champion and a Grand Champion division, even if only one dog is entered. Champion dogs having no competition must outscore all open Registered competition to receive points toward Grand Champion. No re-entry. Grand Champions run only for prizes or trophies; no points are won or recorded.

Running Rules

1. Treeing Contest is to be scored for 30 seconds.

2. Score to be determined by averaging the count from three Judges. (ie.27, 28, 30 = 85/3 = 28.3)

3. A live raccoon, or if prohibited by law, a substitute is to be placed approximately 15-20 feet up a pole or tree. The cage is to be of the type that a dog cannot make contact with the coon in any way. The cage is also to be designed so that the raccoon cannot injure itself in any way.

4. There will be three Judges and one Chairman. The Chairman will be responsible for running the stopwatch, calculating and recording scores, and seeing that reports are properly filled out and submitted. Judges will be responsible for counting the barks of each entry and reporting such to the Chairman.

5. Event to be conducted inside a clearly marked circle with a radius of approximately 12 feet from tree or pole. Any dog which steps out of the circle during the course of being scored is automatically scratched.

6. No other dog(s) to be allowed within 50 feet of the circle while a participant is competing.

7. Chairman will allow participants to show dog the racoon on the ground immediately prior to their release. When handler is satisfied that dog is interested (handler may encourage dog), the dog to be taken to the edge of the circle, removed from the leash, and released upon instruction from Chairman.

8. After release, dog is not to be encouraged or discouraged in any way.

9. If it is determined by the Chairman that outside interference affected a fair running of any participant, dog may be permitted a re-run.

10. Ties to be broken in a run off following the above rules.

11. Violation of any rule or policy by the owner or handler will result in the dog being scratched.