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Show Spectators, Owners and Handlers

Spectators and/or handlers must remain away from the show ring at all times and dogs must be kept away from the show ring until that dog is called for showing.

It is the responsibility of the owner or handler to listen to the secretary or ring steward of the show so that they will know what classes are being called and be ready to enter their dog in the correct class. If a dog misses its class due to neglect of the owner or handler there is no way to show that particular dog in that show.

Owners, handlers and spectators may not interfere with the Judge in any way during the judging of a show.

A Judge may disqualify any dog for fighting or attempting to bite another dog or person. The Judge may disqualify an exhibitor for any unsportsmanlike action.

A Judge has the right to request that a handler or spectator be removed from the show site for unsportsmanlike behavior.