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Scratched for Fighting — UKC Policy

UKC will notify the owners of dogs Scratched for Fighting after the dog has been scratched for fighting twice within a two (2) year period. The third time a dog is scratched for fighting within two (2) years, the dog is barred from participating in UKC events for two (2) years.”

When three (3) reports — (Squirrel Event, Coon Event, Bench Show or Treeing Contest) have been received by UKC indicating a dog has been Scratched for Fighting or attempting to fight within a two (2) year period, the reports will be checked to see if they have been properly certified by (1) Judge of the cast, (2) the Hunt Master and (3) two different officers of the club. If the reports are properly signed-off, the registrant of the dog will be sent a certified letter advising them of the dates and the names of the clubs that have reported their dog Scratched for Fighting. The name of the dog, the registrant’s name, address and the time barred for fighting will be published in UKC Publications. They will be requested to return their UKC Registration Certificate and UKC Easy Entry™ Card by a specific date (approximately 30 days). The Registration Certificate will be stamped BARRED FOR FIGHTING UNTIL ___________________. It will then be sent back to the registrant. The UKC Easy Entry™ Card will be retained by UKC. The dog will be barred for two (2) years from the date of the third Scratched for Fighting offense. At the end of two (2) year period, the registrant of the dog can return the Registration Certificate, along with the proper fee, to the UKC Registration Office for the issuance of a new Registration Certificate and UKC Easy Entry™ Card. All reference to fighting will be removed, and the dog will once again be allowed to enter UKC licensed events.

If the owner of the dog does not send in the UKC Registration Certificate and UKC Easy Entry™ Card by the deadline indicated in the notification letter, the following actions will be taken:

    • Transfer of ownership will not be allowed.
    • The dog will not be allowed to be used in a breeding program. No litters will be registered where the dog is the sire or dam.
    • The dog will be barred from receiving any UKC Championship Points.
If the UKC Registration Certificate and UKC Easy Entry™ Card is returned after the notification deadline they will be reviewed on an individual basis as to what actions will be taken.

Dogs already reported as Scratched for Fighting will still retain their records.

United Kennel Club has the right to inspect all reports, scorecards and documents of UKC events and to review those documents for any reason. Some, but not all, of the items reviewed are scores, dogs scratched for fighting, errors by the recording person and documentation excluded for any reason. UKC reserves the right to correct any mistakes found.

Even though the report or other documentation might not have the signatures of a Judge of a cast or the Hunt Master, UKC reserves the right unto itself to make the necessary corrections and adjustments in line with our Inherent Rights and Powers.

Dogs entered in UKC Cur and Feist Events cannot be muzzled.