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Requirements and Procedures for Becoming a UKC Licensed Show Judge

Persons interested in becoming UKC Licensed Bench Show Judges should complete the application and test which may be obtained at your local club or UKC. Application and test is then returned by applicant to UKC, along with application fee. If applicant passes application and test, they will then be sent three apprentice forms.

• Applicants must be known for their honesty, integrity, impartiality and their interest in the improvement of the Cur and Feist breeds. The Judge’s personal appearance and habits should be above reproach and befitting a UKC licensed Bench Show Judge.

• Applicants shall have reached their twenty-first (21st) birthday before applying to UKC to become a UKC Licensed Show Judge.

• Applicants must know the Official UKC Show Rules.

• Applicants should be at least a high school graduate or equivalent.

• Applicants must know the Official UKC Cur/Feist Breed Standards.

• The applicants must know and understand the anatomy of the dogs they are judging including how to properly judge the dogs’ gait.

• Applicants must be members of an approved club and must be recommended in writing by officers of the club. At least three (3) different officers of the club must sign the UKC application form.

• Applicants must serve as an apprentice Judge under three (3) different UKC Licensed Judges, and be recommended by them. Only one apprentice may serve under a licensed Bench Show Judge at an event.


    Existing UKC Licensed Bench Show Judges will be grandfathered in as Licensed Cur/Feist Bench Show Judges by simply submitting the Cur/Feist Bench Show Judges test. No applications need to be filed, and there will be no additional fee.

    Approved Cur/Feist clubs may grandfather in as a licensed Cur/Feist Bench Show Judge, one individual who is not currently a UKC Licensed Show Judge. The individual that the club is sponsoring will need to fill out an application, take the written exam, and submit both of these with the fee of $10. This individual will not be required to go through the apprentice program. Only one individual per club may be grandfathered in as a new Judge.
• The applicants must understand that they are at all times to judge the dog and not be influenced by who the owner or handler is.

• The applicants must be willing to accept the responsibilities of discussing their decisions, if asked to do so by the handler, prior to the next class being shown.

• No applicant for a UKC Show Judges License will be denied on basis of religion, race, color, national origin or sex.

• The Judge’s application fee is $15 and is non-refundable. Once a Bench Show Judge is approved, the license is issued indefinitely. However, licenses are subject to review and may be withdrawn by UKC at any time.

• All licenses for UKC Show Judges shall be granted or withheld at the sole discretion of United Kennel Club, Inc.