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Club Officers Guidelines for Pre-Registering Cur/Feist at UKC Events

The pre-registration process has been approved for Cur/Feist events in an effort to provide a service to hunters all across the country. This process will benefit the hunter by allowing initiation of the registration process at United Kennel Club events. It will also benefit your club by bringing many new people to the club to register dogs, as well as building a larger base of registered dogs, which the club will draw to licensed events.

Dogs may be pre-registered at your club and then run in the hunt. Upon entering the event, the dogs UKC number should be listed as “pending.” All dogs registered at the club level are subject to final approval at United Kennel Club, Inc.

This process allows the hunter a chance to receive an application, have pictures taken, have the application approved by a club officer and sent into the UKC office for them. With a minimal effort on behalf of the hunter and the club, another dog will soon be eligible to compete in UKC licensed Cur/Feist events.

Please forward any questions regarding the pre-registration process to the Field Operations department at United Kennel Club Inc.