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(Revised December 18, 2009)

United Kennel Club holds and has reserved to itself certain inherent rights and powers in connection with conducting its business, registering litters, transferring ownership of dogs, licensing events, and awarding titles. These inherent rights and powers include but are not limited to the following:

United Kennel Club has the right to inspect all reports, scorecards and documents related to UKC events. Some, but not all, of the items subject to inspection are:

    a) scores;

    b) disqualifications of dogs for fighting or other reasons;

    c) errors by the recording person; and

    d) documentation excluded for any reason. UKC reserves the right to correct any mistakes found during such inspection whether or not the document has the signature of a Judge or Club Officer.
UKC reserves the right to itself and in its sole judgement and discretion, to take such actions and impose such sanctions as would:

    a) Bar an individual from entering or participating in any way in any UKC licensed event.

    b) Bar an individual from transferring or registering any pups or dogs in that person’s name (joint or full ownership) or to any member of that person’s family.

    c) Bar an individual from receiving Championship points for any dog registered in that person’s name (joint or full ownership).
By way of illustration, the following constitute some, but not all, of the situations calling for the above sanctions:

    a) Falsification or alteration of a UKC Registration Certificate, Pedigree, UKC Easy Entry™ Card or any other UKC document.

    b) Falsification or alteration of any reports of wins issued to UKC.

    c) Falsification or alteration of receipts issued by UKC Judges.

    d) Switching, wrongfully using or attempting to use a UKC Registration Certificate, Pedigree, UKC Easy Entry™ Card or any other UKC document.

    e) Selling or attempting to sell a dog with false or incorrect UKC Registration Certificate or Pedigree.

    f) Intimidating, threatening, or injuring a Judge, Club/Association member or official, event participant or spectator, or UKC representative.
The six illustrations given above are only by way of example and UKC reserves to itself its inherent right and power to impose such sanctions in any other circumstances deemed appropriate by UKC.

Any individual who is found guilty by a court of law of a crime involving dogs will be barred from United Kennel Club for an indefinite period. A person shall be considered guilty in a criminal proceeding if they are convicted by a judge, jury, or if they enter a plea bargain or other arrangement to plea to a lesser offense, or if their case is disposed of by any form of deferred adjudication; a person shall be considered guilty in a civil proceeding if they are held responsible or liable by a judge, jury, or if a compromised settlement is reached between the parties.