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Hunting and Non-Hunting Judges Rule Clarification

The Upcoming Events list will plainly indicate if Non-Hunting Judges are being used. Otherwise, Hunting Judges will be used. One or the other must be used on all casts within a given division.

In casts with a Hunting Judge in which only one dog is left in cast, other cast members are encouraged to stay with cast. If Hunting Judge scratches his dog he can continue to judge the cast as a Hunting Judge, or pass the card to another member of the cast. Remaining cast members, though scratched, retain all voting privileges. If only one cast member remains, member must return to Hunt Master for a Non-Hunting Judge to complete cast. Deadline may be extended if necessary for the cast involved.

The decision of the Non-Hunting Judge may be questioned in the field at the time the decision is made. It will be scored with a question mark (?) and taken to the Hunt Master. The Non-Hunting Judge’s decision cannot be overturned in the field by a majority vote of cast members.

Procedure for using Hunting Judges on a cast regardless of category:

    • The host club must designate a Hunting Judge for each cast from the entries received.

    • The Hunting Judge has complete authority and will be responsible for scoring all situations.

    • Should a situation arise where a handler questions a call that was made, or a call that should have been made but wasn’t that handler may ask to have his question voted on by all cast members that remain with the cast at that time.

    • Majority of cast rules. Each handler must vote or their dog will be scratched. If majority decision is not reached, leave the call as it was scored by the Judge, place a question mark (?) on the card and check with the Hunt Master. Any handler that is not satisfied with the majority of cast decision retains the right to place a question mark (?) on the card and present his question to the Hunt Master.

    • If the matter has not been satisfactorily resolved by the decision of the Hunt Master, a Formal Complaint may be filed by any owner or handler of a UKC registered dog entered in the UKC licensed Cur and Feist Event. If a Formal Complaint is made, request a UKC Formal Complaint form from the Hunt Master and fill it out. It must be turned into the Hunt Master not later than 30 minutes after the posted time of deadline for return of scorecards.