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Attention! Special Announcement Concerning Hunters, Age 55 and Over.

Revised January 1, 2007

Individuals age 55 or older are entitled to participate in Veterans Casts at club, state association and breed association level UKC Licensed Cur and Feist Events. Veterans Casts will not be run at the Major events.

At the individual’s option, they may be drawn into a Veterans Cast under the following rules:

• Proof of age; driver’s license, hunting license, birth certificate, etc. must be presented to entry takers.

• Registered, Champion and Grand Champion Casts. A minimum of two (2) individuals, age 55 or older, must participate in order for a Veterans Cast to be drawn.

• The score of the Veterans Cast(s) will compete with the scores of all other casts in a particular division; Registered, Squirrel Champion, Grand Squirrel Champion, Nite Champion, Grand Nite Champion for placement in the UKC Licensed Cur and Feist Event.

• Individuals, age 55 or older, do not have to compete in the Veteran’s Cast. They may choose to compete in the all-age casts if they wish.

• Veteran’s Casts will compete under the same UKC Cur and Feist Event Honor Rules as do all other casts in their division with no exceptions.