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Hunt Master Requirements For Licensing

All clubs having UKC Licensed Cur and Feist Events may have a UKC Licensed Hunt Master to run their hunt. This is the Club’s option.

Following are the procedures and requirements for an application to be considered:

    • The applicant must be a member of an approved club and be recommended by officers of the club. It is felt that the club will know the background and qualifications of the applicant through club activities.

    • The applicant’s character, honesty and integrity must be above reproach.

    • They must have a thorough knowledge of UKC’s rules and policies, and have demonstrated good judgement.

    • The applicant must be at least twenty-one (21) years old.

    • They must completely fill out the application and pass the test covering UKC Cur and Feist Event rules and policies, which may be obtained at your local club or from UKC.

    • An applicant, having met the requirements of items above, must serve an apprenticeship under one (1) UKC Licensed Hunt Master, and be recommended by him/her in order to be considered for a license. No more than two (2) apprentices may serve under a Hunt Master at an event. Apprentices are subject to the same restrictions as the Hunt Master concerning entering their dogs in the events where they serve. However, all decisions must be made by the licensed Hunt Master.

    • Enclose a fee of $15 when submitting the application for a license. Once a Hunt Master is approved, the license is issued indefinitely. However, licenses are subject to review and may be withdrawn by UKC at any time.

    • All licenses for UKC Hunt Masters shall be granted or withheld at the sole discretion of United Kennel Club, Inc.

The licensed Hunt Master must keep up-to-date with the rules and policies. If they do not, they will place themselves in jeopardy of losing their license.