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Hunt Master Guidelines

Hunt Masters’ Personal Checklist:

One week prior to the event

    - Check approved Publications to see that the event has been properly listed in accordance with UKC rules and policies; entry times, Hunting or Non-hunting judges, etc.

    - Contact the club to see if all materials have arrived from UKC; hunt report, scorecards, entry slips, etc.

When you arrive at the club check to see that the following are posted.

    - UKC License.
    - “Entering Dogs” sheet.
    - Hunt Masters’ checklist.
    - Entry deadline time.
    - Time deadline for returning scorecards.

How to Take Entries:

Give an entry slip to each person entering and have them fill it out clearly and completely. Check the completed entry slip with the Registration Certificate or UKC Easy Entry™Card. Place hunting judges and/or guides in a separate container.

Drawing Casts and Judges:

Announce on the P.A. system that you are ready to start drawing entries so that anyone wanting to see the draw will have the opportunity to do so. The drawing of entries must be done publicly.

Do not start drawing out casts until after entries are closed at the advertised deadline time.

If an individual attempting to enter a UKC Cur and Feist Event appears, in your judgement, to be under the influence of alcohol or unprescribed drugs, do not take the entry. Notify the appropriate club individual or officer of what you are doing and why. Once entries are closed, as a matter of courtesy, draw the Grand Champions first and the Champions second. If a state requires a license or permit number, make certain that it appears on each scorecard.

We recommend the following method for the drawing of casts:

• Place Non-hunting Judges names in a container by themselves. Always keep track of the number of entries taken to assure enough Judges/Guides. Dogs must be divided into the least number of casts possible in accordance with the Event Cast Breakdown Sheet.

• Non-hunting Judges. Draw the Non-hunting Judges names out of the container and write it in the upper left hand corner of the scorecard. When all the scorecards have Judges names on them, turn the scorecards face down and shuffle them. Draw either two or three entry slips to fill each cast. You should predetermine how many two and three dog casts you will have.

• Hunting Judges. As entries are being taken, select responsible and qualified individuals who can serve as a Hunting Judge and/or guide and place the entry in a separate container. Draw the Hunting Judge’s entry slip to each scorecard. If a guide is needed for the cast then draw an entry from the guide container and place it on the scorecard. When all scorecards have a Hunting Judge and guide entry slip on them, turn the scorecards face down and shuffle them. Now draw two or three entry slips to fill out each cast. Again, predetermine how many three dog casts you will have first, then fill remaining two dogs cast. (Always fill as many three dog casts as possible)

• Multiple Entries. In the same manner as drawing the Hunting Guide’s entry slips, owners having multiple entries will have their dogs drawn to separate casts if possible. Place each of the multiple entries on a separate scorecard, turn the scorecards face down and shuffle them. Now draw two or three entry slips to fill out each cast. Again, predetermine how many three dog casts you will have.

Before sending the casts to the woods, the Hunt Master must read the following to all hunters and then it must be posted in plain view.

• My name is ____________. I am your UKC Hunt Master.

• The official time is now _________________. The deadline for returning scorecards to me is local time.

• This is a UKC licensed event and is a two-hour hunt.

• It is the handler’s responsibility to see that their score and time is correct before signing scorecard.

• If a question arises in the field or a complaint is to be made, please refer to your rulebook for the proper procedure.

• If cast becomes separated on the way to the field or during the hunt, it is the responsibility of all cast members to return to the Hunt Master at the host club. Any cast members not returning to the Hunt Master will be scratched.

• Any person intimidating, threatening or injuring a hunter, Judge, Hunt Master, Club Official or UKC Representative will be barred for one year up to life.

•Persons guilty of falsifying scorecards will be subject to sanctions under the Inherent Rights and Powers of UKC.

After the scorecards are turned in:

A. Any questions must be notated with a question mark (?) on the scorecard.

B. Recheck the scores, the time cast hunted and that each handler signed the scorecard. Check to see if handlers, having left the cast for any reason, have indicated hunt time used and other dogs’ scores at the time they left the cast.

C. Keep scorecards confidential until deadline or until all scorecards have been returned. This must be rigidly enforced.

D. If there is a complaint, try to get the cast(s) off by themselves to discuss the problem and make your decision. Only individuals directly involved in the dispute should be included in any of the discussions. Wait until the scorecards are returned before discussing a situation that arises in the woods. Members of the casts have thirty (30) minutes to make a complaint after the scorecards are turned in.

E. If a situation cannot be resolved and a formal complaint is made, it must be made on a Formal Complaint form, which is enclosed in the event package that was sent to the club from UKC with the license, report forms and other materials for the hunt. When requested the Hunt Master MUST provide the Formal Complaint form to the owner or handler of any dog entered in the UKC Cur and Feist Event. The form must be signed by the individual(s) making the complaint as well as the Hunt Master.

UKC’s copy must be sent to Field Operations along with the report(s). Effective January 1, 1999, all Formal Complaint meetings must be held within one (1) hour after the deadline for the return of scorecards.

F. Do not get trapped in other Hunt Masters’ problems. Advise the individuals raising a question that there is a procedure for filing a Formal Complaint and that procedure should have been followed.


A. Be sure to give everyone that places in the hunt a receipt. Do not sign and give out incomplete receipts. You fill them out, or see that the receipts are completely filled out when you sign them and give the winners their copy.

B. Do not sign a blank report. Make sure that the report is completely filled out. Then you sign it. (NOTE: There must be three different signatures on the report.) Copies of the report go to UKC, the participant (receipt only), the Hunt Master and to the club hosting the event. Please see that each party receives the proper copy of the report. Submit UKC’s copy within 10 days or a penalty of $20 per month will be made.
Please note that the yellow copy is a personal receipt for the participant and is perforated for convenience.

C. Remind all club officers that the scorecards and their copy of the report must be kept for one (1) year.

General Information:

A. Encourage clubs to educate their members on the rules and conduct rules seminars for Judges, Hunt Masters and participants.

B. Study rules on the back of the scorecard and the revisions published each year in UKC Publications. For official interpretation of the rules, you may call Cur and Feist Field Operations.

C. Remember to use good judgement. You are the person responsible to see that the hunt is run in a manner that is fair to all and that everyone is treated in a fair and equitable way. The Rulebook contains UKC’s basic rules and policies. However, if you have any suggestions as to how to improve the hunts, please send suggestions to Cur and Feist Field Operations at UKC.