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Important Announcement Concerning the Use of Hearing Devices in UKC Licensed Cur and Feist Events

Individuals who have been professionally diagnosed as being hearing-impaired may utilize an auxiliary hearing device in UKC licensed Cur and Feist Events. Common types of auxiliary devices are the Bionic Ear, Hound Sounder and Action Ear. These devices are electronic sound amplifying devices.

UKC policy has always been such as to permit the use of normal hearing aids of the type prescribed by physicians for everyday use by individuals with hearing problems. Procedure for obtaining permission to use an auxiliary hearing device:

    • Obtain a statement, signed by a licensed physician on his or her official stationery, indicating the need for such auxiliary hearing device in order to improve impaired hearing.

    • Submit the statement to UKC Cur and Feist Field Operations. Upon receipt of the doctor’s statement, UKC will issue a Letter of Permission to Utilize an Auxiliary Hearing Device to the individual. Note: Device may only be used by the actual handler of the dog, not a backup handler or spectator.

    • The individual must submit the Letter of Permission to Utilize an Auxiliary Hearing Device for inspection by the Entry Takers and to the Judge of the cast as proof of permission to use the Auxiliary Hearing Device. The Letter of Permission to Utilize an Auxiliary Hearing Device must be on official UKC stationery. Club officials must not accept any other form of permission.

    • Individuals who (1) fraudulently obtain the physician’s statement, (2) fradulently utilize the Auxiliary Hearing Device or (3) use the Auxiliary Hearing Device without following the steps of this procedure, will be dealt with under the Inherent Rights and Powers of UKC
Undue violations or abuses of this policy will result in resumption of the former policy which permits the use of “normal” hearing aids only.