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UKC Cur And Feist Field Representatives

Participants are encouraged to get to know the UKC Cur and Feist Field Representative in their area. For information contact Cur and Feist Field Operations, UKC.

Responsibilities of the Cur and Feist Field Representatives are: (a) Answer questions on UKC Cur and Feist Event Rules and Policies; (b) Investigate clubs or individuals suspected of violating UKC Rules and Policies.

They are not to get involved in problems between buyers and sellers of dogs. These problems must be worked out between the individuals involved, unless there is a question pertaining to the validity of the UKC Registration Certificate.

They are not to arbitrate situations between an individual and a club holding a UKC licensed Cur and Feist Event. If a situation occurs at a UKC Cur and Feist Event and the UKC Hunt Master conducting that particular event cannot resolve the question, then the Formal Complaint Procedure must be followed.

If you wish, you may write UKC directly to obtain answers to your questions.

If at any time you have any suggestions as to how UKC can improve our licensed Cur and Feist Events or methods and procedures, please let us know.