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Complaint Procedure for Situations Happening During a UKC Licensed Cur and Feist Event.

This procedure applies for all situations arising during the time that the Judge’s authority is in effect. Authority of the Judge begins when he is officially designated and receives the scorecard. The authority of the Judge ceases when the scorecard is turned in to the Hunt Master. This Formal Complaint Procedure does NOT apply to situations arising under Rules that deals with intimidating, threatening or injuring a Hunter, Judge, Hunt Master, Club Official or a UKC Representative.

The following steps must be enacted:

STEP 1. Attempt to resolve the question with the Hunt Master, the handler raising the question, the Judge of the cast and the other members of the cast that are available. The Hunt Master will make a decision based upon the statement of the case provided by the handler, Judge and the other members of the cast. No complaints will be considered by the Hunt Master after a period of thirty (30) minutes has elapsed from the time that the scorecard has been turned in.

STEP 2. If the question is not resolved at Step 1, request and complete a Formal Complaint Form and return it to the Hunt Master not later than thirty (30) minutes after the posted deadline to return scorecards. The form must be signed by the individual or individuals making the Formal Complaint and the Hunt Master and copies properly distributed to UKC, the Host Club, the complainants and the Hunt Master.

STEP 3. The Host Club or organization will hold a Formal Complaint meeting to resolve the Formal Complaint pursuant to this procedure. The Formal Complaint meeting shall be held within one (1) hour after the deadline for return of scorecards to the Hunt Master. There shall be a Formal Complaint Committee consisting of three officers or members of the Host Club or organization who must be on hand to timely serve should a meeting become necessary. If the individual filing the Formal Complaint is an officer or member of the club or organization holding the Formal Complaint meeting, that individual cannot conduct the meeting nor be allowed to vote on the question regarding the complaint. The Formal Complaint Committee, the Judge of the cast and the individual who filed the Formal Complaint must be present at the meeting. If the owner or handler of the dog(s) involved in the complaint and the other members of the cast are able to be found at the Host Club site, the Hunt Master shall advise them that a Formal Complaint has been filed, that a meeting is being held, the time and location of the meeting and that they may be heard at the meeting; however, their presence at the meeting is not mandatory.

STEP 4. Once the Formal Complaint meeting is held, the results must be sent to UKC on the completed Formal Complaint Meeting Results Form included with each hunt packet.

STEP 5. UKC will review the results of the meeting and will either agree or disagree with the club or organization’s decision; however, UKC reserves unto itself, in its sole judgement and discretion, the right to make corrections it deems necessary.