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Club Officer’s Instructions for Obtaining License and Conducting UKC Cur and Feist Events


I. All clubs currently holding UKC licensed events may call or write UKC and request a license to hold a Cur and Feist Event. UKC will send the requesting club a Cur and Feist Event Hunt Package.

II. Getting Your Club Approved by UKC: (For new clubs)

    A. The club name submitted to United Kennel Club will be considered your club’s official name and will be utilized by UKC unless otherwise notified by your club in writing and signed by at least three officers of the club. UKC should be informed immediately of the names, complete addresses and telephone numbers of new officers and particularly the Corresponding Officer following each election.

    B. UKC recommends a membership that includes enough active members to properly conduct a large event without relying on outside help.

    C. Constitution and By-Laws must be submitted to, and approved by UKC.

    D. UKC rules and policies and your local laws must be followed. A statement to this effect must be included in the Constitution and By-Laws.

    Sample: All licensed events sponsored by the club will be run in accordance with the rules and policies set forth by the organization for which the license has been issued.

    E. The club must provide a complete membership list of all of the active members.

    F. State the exact location where the events will be held (city and county). Be sure to list the next closest city if your location is not shown on the Atlas.

    G. A completed officers list stating the name, address and phone number of each officer. You must keep UKC updated on any change of officers or addresses.

    H. The club may have UKC Licensed Hunt Masters if they choose but it is not required.
Upon receipt of your club’s request for approval, including your Constitution and By-Laws, club officer list and membership list, the Cur and Feist Field Operations Department will review not only your club’s location but the number of clubs that are within approximately 50 miles of your club actively holding UKC Licensed Cur and Feist Events. It is possible that your club will not be approved to hold UKC licensed Events.

If there are not more than five clubs within approximately 50 miles, but there appears to be an over saturation of clubs in your general area, your club may still be refused at the time application is made.

III. Suggestions for successful events:

    A. Practice or “buddy” hunts should be conducted to familiarize members with the UKC Cur and Feist Event Rules.

    B. Contact your State Incorporation office in order to make the club a non-profit Corporation.

    C. It is suggested that you purchase a liability insurance policy before conducting events.

    D. Periodic rules seminars should be held to update members on rule changes.

    E. Appoint separate committees for Squirrel Events, Coon Events and Treeing Contests. Committees for kitchen, membership, trophies or any other club activity will spread the workload around and insure success.

    F. Appoint a membership chairman to coordinate membership drives.

    G. Develop an active youth program to bring young hunters into your club. They are your future!

IV. Scheduling Your UKC Dates:

    A. Contact the Cur and Feist Field Operations Department at the United Kennel Club at the following address to determine if the requested date is available and does not conflict with another club’s event: Cur and Feist Field Operations/United Kennel Club, Inc., 100 E Kilgore Rd, Kalamazoo MI 49002-5584, (269) 343-9020. This must be done to see if the requested date is available and does not conflict with another club’s event.

    To avoid conflicts, no two clubs will be scheduled within 100 miles. UKC endeavors to maintain the same dates for your licensed club events from year to year; however, they may vary a week or so, depending on the change in the calendar. Be sure to check the dates indicated on the Confirmation. These dates cannot be changed without approval from United Kennel Club. UKC will mail the Confirmation to your corresponding officer approximately four months prior to your event. If there is any question about your dates, contact the Cur and Feist Field Operations office immediately. Clubs or organizations cannot advertise their events until they have received a Confirmation of their requested date from the United Kennel Club, Inc.

    B. Requests for additional club dates must be made with ample time to meet Upcoming Events publication requirements (Allow at least 60 days prior to the event). A maximum of seven (7) dates will be granted to each club per year. UKC can add more dates in special situations.

    C. A club may not change the location of an event without contacting UKC at least 90 days prior to the event. UKC reserves the right to grant or deny approval.

    D. When the Confirmation is received by the corresponding officer, they must fill out all the requested information on the front. If all information is not included, no license will be granted. Make sure that the Officer’s List contains the correct names, addresses and phone numbers of the club’s officers. Return one copy of the Invoice/Confirmation with the Officer’s List (if there are changes) and the proper fee two months prior to the event by the first of the month.

Dates will not be held indefinitely. Provided the completed confirmation is received on time, your event will then be listed free in the “Upcoming UKC Licensed Events” listing in UKC Publications the month before the event is to be held.

Attention All Clubs!

No licenses will be granted for UKC events if the Confirmation form is not completed properly. Clubs often fail to complete the form, thus requiring a phone call from the Field Operations office in order to obtain the information by the magazine deadline.

No phone calls will be made in the future. Letters may be written to obtain information if time permits. However, if complete information is not received by the 1st of the month preceding the month of the event, no license will be issued!

If you are a club officer, please make note of this policy. Confirmations are mailed four months in advance of the event. There is ample time to properly complete the form and return it before the deadline.

Typical omissions on the confirmation form are:

• Failure to list the contact person’s name and phone number.
• Deadline times of the events and entry fees to be charged.
• Club officer’s names, addresses and phone numbers.
• Remember, no licenses will be granted if the form is not complete.

You may direct your questions, concerning this policy to:
Cur/Feist Field Operations
(269) 343-9020
100 E Kilgore Rd
Kalamazoo MI 49002-5584

V. Advertising Your Event.

    A. Advertising other than that appearing in UKC Publications free Upcoming Events listing is not required. However, it is recommended.

    B. If your club does decide to advertise, the information in the advertisement must be the same as the information in the UKC Upcoming Events listing. The “Upcoming Events” listing is the final authority. If information in an advertisement for an event disagrees with the information found in the Upcoming Events list, then the Upcoming Events list is considered correct and what the club must go by.

    C. Immediately check the Upcoming Events Listing in the month prior to your event to see if all information is correct. Corrections may only be made for events held later than the 15th of the month. Corrections must be phoned in by the deadline for the issue the month the event is being held.

VI. How to Conduct your UKC Licensed Cur and Feist Event.

    A. License and Event Supplies:

      1. The license and supplies will be mailed by U.S. Mail approximately four (4) weeks prior to the event.

      2. Upon receipt of the package, the corresponding officer should check to make sure they have received all needed materials. If not, contact UKC immediately at (269) 343-9020 or e-mail hounds@ukcdogs.com.

      3. If the package is not received two weeks prior to the event, contact Cur and Feist Field Operations immediately at (269) 343-9020 or e-mail hounds@ukcdogs.com.

    B. Licensed Officials: If your club wants to have a licensed person serving at their event as Hunt Master, your corresponding Officer may call UKC for a list of Licensed Hunt Masters in your area. Your club is not required to have a Licensed Hunt Master. In situations where your club did not select a Licensed Hunt Master, a confident person who is very fluent in the UKC Cur and Feist Squirrel and Coon Event Rules must be selected by your club officers to serve as Hunt Master for the event. If you have difficulty obtaining a licensed individual to officiate your event, contact Cur and Feist Field Operations for assistance.

    C. Things to do the Day of the Event:

      1. Post legible signs at all major intersections directing participants to your club.

      2. Post License and “Entering Dogs” in UKC Licensed Events Sheet. The Hunt Master Checklist must be read to all hunters and posted before casts leave for the woods.

      3. Post entry deadline time and deadline for return of scorecards.

      4. Club is responsible for having an adequate number of qualified Guides on hand.

    D. Taking Entries: Carefully follow the procedures outlined under the “Hunt Master Guidelines” and “Entering Dogs in UKC Licensed Cur and Feist Events”.

    E. Reporting the Results of Your Cur and Feist Event to UKC:

      1. Complete the Official UKC report forms. Be sure that the UKC number, the registrant’s name, handler’s name and address for each is correct and legible. Use dog’s complete registered name on reports since this information will be published.

      2. All report forms must be thoroughly checked and signed by the Hunt Master and no less than two club officers. Three signatures are required.

      3. Clubs must retain a copy of their reports in addition to the scorecards for a period of one year. The Hunt Master must also keep a copy of the reports for one year.

      4. Completed and signed reports are then to be returned to UKC’s Championship Department, along with a fee of $1.50 for each dog entered in each licensed event. Reports must be submitted to UKC within ten (10) days of the event or a late charge of $20 will be made. An additional charge of $20 per month will be made for reports that are thirty (30) days past due.

The club will be responsible for following the above rules. Failure to do so will result in the loss of approval for future licensed events, and winning placements may be affected.