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UKC Cur/Feist Bench Show Judges Authority and Responsibilities


1. The Judge is in charge of the show, and his/her decision is final.

2. Judge may disqualify any dog for unsportsmanlike actions by the handler.

3. Judge has the right to withhold giving an award and/or UKC Championship points if, in his opinion, there is not a dog submitted that qualifies or meets the UKC official breed standard.

4. A Judge may not be called upon to fault any dog after the show is over and winners are announced. He has the right to refuse.

5. Judge has the right to split or divide classes when considered necessary.


1. The Judge must be UKC licensed for the year in which he is judging and should have his current Judge’s card with him at the time of the show.

2. Once a Bench Show Judge is approved, the license is issued indefinitely. However, licenses are subject to review and may be withdrawn by UKC at any time.

3. Neither UKC Judges nor apprentice Judges are to enter their dogs in any UKC Licensed Bench Show that they are judging in whole or in part. Their dogs cannot be entered by a handler. Nor can any member of a Judge’s or apprentice Judge’s immediate family show under that Judge.

4. A UKC Judge is responsible for their own conduct and appearance, which should always be becoming to a Judge.

5. A newly approved Judge cannot have an apprentice serve under them until they have judged at least three shows.

6. No more than one (1) apprentice can serve under a Judge at a show.

7. UKC Judges are to keep up-to-date on any changes in the breed standards.

8. Judge must see that all handlers walk or gait dogs. Dog must be gaited for Judge to determine to what degree dog conforms to structural correctness. Dogs must be evaluated on the bench to determine to what degree the dog conforms to the breed standard.

9. Judge shall have handler open dog’s mouth for Judge to check dog’s bite (for dog’s health reasons).

10. Judge must physically check all dog’s bone structure and conformation.

11. Judge will remove from the bench any female dog in season.

12. A Judge shall give equal time in examining each dog they are judging. Every dog warrants a Judge’s complete inspection.

13. Judge shall not ask individual handling dog: (1) who owns dog; (2) who dog was purchased from; or (3) what line the dog is out of while judging the dog.

14. A Judge shall not remove an “off” standard dog from the bench. The Judge will deduct points from the “off” standard dog in making his ultimate decision, unless it is a disqualifying fault. In that case, the dog is not to be considered for judging. If a Judge determines a dog to have a disqualifying fault, he must submit to UKC the dog’s name, UKC number and description of the fault along with the show report.

15. Judge shall not carry on conversations with spectators while show is in progress. Judge is not to be influenced by any person or that person’s actions.
16. The Judge must accurately report their decisions to the recording secretary.

17. The Judge must complete and sign the Official Show Report Forms for Championship points immediately following the show. Copies of the report go to UKC, the participant, the Bench Show Judge and to the club hosting the event. Please see that each party receives the proper copy of the report. Submit UKC copy within 10 days or a penalty charge of $20 per month will be made.

Please note that the yellow copy is a personal receipt for the participant and is perforated for convenience. Receipts shall be issued for winners of Class, Breed, Best Male and Female of both the Registered and the Champion of Champions portions of the show.

18. The Judge must never sign blank show report forms or receipts.

19. If the Judge is also an officer of the club whose event he is judging, two other officers’ signatures are also required on the Official Show Report.