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About the UKC Cur-Feist Program

Performance Events tailored for the Cur and Feist breeds are based upon treeing game. The Cur / Feist Program actually offers two different performance events for evaluating these hard working tree dogs. The most popular event is the licensed Squirrel Hunt. At a typical licensed squirrel hunt, three dogs are randomly drawn into a group (called a cast) to hunt against each other. Dogs are hunted for two hours using a points system where the handler and dog teams are credited for treeing the most wild game and making the fewest mistakes in the process. Dogs are hunted on wild, free ranging game outside of enclosures and no game is taken during these events. In much the same fashion, licensed Nite Hunts, another UKC licensed Cur / Feist event, test a dog’s ability to tree wild raccoons. Four dog casts participate in the licensed Nite Hunts.

Though UKC recognizes but six breeds of Curs and Feists, all UKC registered breeds (excluding coonhounds) are eligible to participate in licensed Cur / Feist events. Dogs compete for championship points and permanent UKC titles.