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Hosted by the Ohio Sportsman & Sporting Dog Association
Holmesville, Ohio
July 19 & 20, 2013

Thirty-six (36) Prize Lights
Three (3) Licensed Kids-Only Nite Hunts
One (1) Huge Kids-Only Licensed Bench Show
No Advance Entry Required
Entries Taken on Grounds

Non-Licensed Water Race
Coon Squalling Contest (non-mechanical)
Games – Prizes


1.5 miles south of Holmesville on SR 83. Signs posted. 8482 TWP RD 559, Holmesville OH 44633

Schedule Of Events

Open Event / Last Chance Qualifier
Entries taken on the grounds for Friday night. All cast winners with plus points from Friday will be qualified to hunt in the Qualified Round on Saturday.

Youth National Bench Show
Entries will be taken on the grounds for the show. Prior qualification not necessary. Children may be assisted in getting dogs on the bench, but other than that must show, including gaiting the dog, without adult assistance.

UKC Youth National Championship
Nite Hunt
Entries will be taken on grounds.

Open Nite Hunt
There will also be an “open” hunt on Saturday to accommodate those kids who did not qualify for the Qualified Round.


Master of Hounds

UKC Field Representative Larry Hawke

Bench Show Judge
Dale Parrish, Cecil, OH


Hilton Garden Inn Wooster,
Wooster, Ohio
(330) 202-7701
(20 miles)

Super 8 Wooster,
Wooster, Ohio
(330) 264-6211
(20 miles)

Econo Lodge,
Wooster, Ohio
(330) 264-8883
(20 miles)

Comfort Suites,
Millersburg, Ohio
(330) 893-7400
(8 miles)

Local Contact

Gail Huffman (330) 465-4719

Jackie Carpenter 740-398-9758

Note: All vendors should contact club.

UKC Contact

Coonhound Field Operations

(269) 343-9020

UKC Youth Championship rules apply. Kids having reached their 18th birthday on the date(s) of this event will not be eligible to compete. All youth placing at YEP events after last year’s Youth Nationals up until this year’s event are qualified for the Main Event on Saturday night.

UKC and Ohio Sportsman & Sporting Dog Association are not responsible for loss, accidents or theft. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages, gambling, firearms or illegal drugs will be allowed on the grounds or while participating in the hunt or in the buildings the day of a UKC licensed event.

Continuing Education Tuition Prize

The UKC offers four Continuing Education Tuition Prizes. Each prize will total $2,500 for each of the four highest scoring placements in the Youth National Championship.

Purpose: The purpose of the Continuing Education Tuition Prize is to financially assist active, interested, and capable young hound enthusiasts with the burdening costs of continuing education. The prize amount above will be held in a separate prize money account until the above named
recipient makes application for release of funds.

Payment: Prize money will be paid directly to the school upon written request of the prize recipient. A tuition billing from an accredited college, university or trade/vocational school must accompany the written request. Under no circumstance may a Continuing Education Tuition Prize be transferred to another individual.

Deadline: The Continuing Education Tuition Prize must be redeemed by the recipient’s 21st birthday.

Prize money that has not been used by the recipient’s 21st birthday will revert back to the UKC Youth Fund.

Would you like to invest in your future?

Would your club, association, or personal kennel like to donate a hunting light to the UKC Youth National Coonhound Championship? Every kid who places in the hunt, and the six category winners in the show, will receive an identical prize light. This is your opportunity to make a donation on behalf of your club, kennel, stud dog, or deceased friend or family member. Each donation will be recognized with a tag indicating the donor, and a donors list will appear in COONHOUND BLOODLINES. Our thanks to the Nite Lite Company for their sizeable light donation. Please click here for Donor Form.