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Important Bench Show Information

The UKC Winter Classic Bench Show will be run over two days, Friday, January 29 and Saturday, January 30.

Friday’s Bench Show will include the Dual Champions, *2015 Top Ten Preliminary and Final Round, Registered and Pairs classes. The Overall Dual Champion winner will come back on Saturday to compete for UKC Winter Classic Overall Champion. Saturday’s Bench Show will feature the Champion and Grand Champion classes, along with the crowning of the 2016 UKC Winter Classic Overall Champion. Entry Fees: Dual Champions, Pairs, Top Ten - $20. Registered, Champion, Grand Champion - $25.

*October 31, 2015 is the cutoff date for which 2015 Top Ten points may be earned. Official standings will be tabulated from licensed show reports received at UKC by December 15, 2015. Those individuals making the Top Ten will be notified by UKC of their eligibility to show in the Preliminary Round on Friday at the Winter Classic, where all eligible dogs of each breed will show against each other, regardless of sex. The winner for each breed will be considered Top Ten Best of Breed and will advance to the Final Round, where one dog is selected as the Overall Top Ten UKC Bench Show Champion.

Nite Hunt Rules & Advanced Nite Hunt Entry Application

1. Advanced Entries Only. All entries must be postmarked by midnight, January 9, 2016. No Nite Hunt entries will be taken at the fairgrounds.

2. Refund Policy: If a female comes in heat, another dog that is registered to the same individual may be substituted. No refunds. If a dog dies, the Registration Certificate may be turned in at the UKC registration desk. Another dog that is registered to the same individual may be substituted or a refund may be requested.

3. If a dog is injured and cannot hunt at the Winter Classic, the owner must present a letter from a veterinarian on veterinary stationary, and another dog that is registered to the same individual may be substituted. No refunds.

4. An entry fee of $35, payable to United Kennel Club, must accompany each Nite Hunt Advanced Entry. Certified checks, money orders or personal checks will be accepted.

5. Hunting Judges will be used on all casts.

6. Dogs must be run on night scheduled. Switching nights is not allowed.

7. Entries must be confirmed at the UKC registration desk by 1 p.m. (local time), on the night scheduled to hunt.

8. All dog sales and kennel promotions to be conducted in the Dog Barn under the direction of the official UKC attendant.

9. United Kennel Club and the host clubs are not responsible for loss, accidents or theft.

10. Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages, firearms or illegal drugs allowed on the grounds, or while participating in the hunt or in the buildings the day of a UKC licensed event.