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Super Slam Series Events Rules and Policies are similar to any UKC Slam event with exception to the provisions as outlined below.

The following rules and policies pertain to the UKC Super Slam Series and are in effect on January 1, 2016.

Each Super Slam Series Event is limited to 16 entries only. The participant must have reserved an entry in advance. Any UKC registered coonhound, regardless of degree, is eligible to be entered. There is no limit on the number of events a participant may enter in throughout the year.

Entry Fee and Payout
The entry fee is $250.00. Those dogs advancing to the Late Round will be eligible for 85% of the entry fee that is paid out as a cash award. Handlers shall decide to split the winnings or hunt it for the purse that is broke down to 40% for first, 30% for second, 20% for third and 10% for fourth. A payout breakdown form, based on the actual number entered and the number advancing to the Late Round, is included with the clubs Event Packet.

Reserving an Entry
Each advertised Super Slam Series Event listed on the UKC website and COONHOUND BLOODLINES, will have a date noted when entry reservations will open and close. Reservations will open 30 days in advance of the event date and remain open for a period of seven days or until all 16 entries have been reserved.

Entries may be reserved on-line here or by contacting United Kennel Club during those seven days when reservations are open for the event. If the opening or closing date falls on a weekend day, the opening or closing date will be on the first business day after.

If the event does not fill during the seven-day period when reservations are open on-line, reservations will be accepted up to an additional grace period of five business days. During a grace period, individuals may contact the UKC Hunting Department to reserve an entry over the phone.

Advanced entries are reserved in the name of the applicant. The applicant will not enter a dog in the event when reserving the entry. The applicant may enter any UKC registered dog of their choice on the day of the event. The dog may or may not be one that is registered in the applicant’s name.

Entry Fee Credit Card Charges, Payout, and Club’s Income
UKC will be responsible for taking all entry fee monies. Credit Cards will not be charged or processed prior to the reservation closing date. If the event does not fill (see Minimum Entry Requirement below), then no credit card reservations will be charged.

After entries close and prior to the event, UKC will mail a check to the host club. The amount sent will cover the payout and the club’s share of the event income. Administration, License and Recording fees in the amount of $100 will be retained by UKC. The club is responsible for dispersing payout monies as outlined on their Event Payout Form.

Minimum Entry Requirement
A Super Slam must have a minimum of 12 reserved entries. If the minimum reservation requirement is not met the event will be cancelled. Individuals who reserved an entry for an event that is cancelled will be notified.

Event Running Rules
Current UKC Slam running rules, with exception to those specifically noted below (See Super Slam Rule Revisions), apply to all Super Slam Events. UKC Championship rules, as they apply to Nite and Grand Nite Champion casts, are utilized in all cast’s. All dogs regardless of category are drawn out together. All first round casts hunt for two hours. A dog must hunt the entire two hours to be eligible for UKC Championship points or wins and/or event payouts.

Super Slam Rule Revisions
The following rules, which deviate from the current UKC Coonhound Nite Hunt Honor Rules, shall apply at all UKC Super Slams in *2016. These changes apply to UKC Super Slam hunts only.

Tree Positions
2 (b) {125 points for dog declared treed first; 75 points second; 50 points third; 25 points fourth.}
    o Change: Two minutes after first dog is declared treed, second (75) and third (50) tree positions become unavailable. Any dog(s) declared treed after two minutes will receive 25 tree points.
4 (b) {First offense failure to strike a dog on or before the third bark, after the first minute each time dog(s) is released, will result in those points being minused.}
    o Change: After the first three minutes of the hunt; failure to strike a dog on or before the third bark, each time dog is released, will result in those points being minused. Dog(s) determined to be babbling shall be scratched on second offense. Refer to Rule 4 (c) on first offense for babbling.

6 (u) {For squalling, tapping on trees, pulling vines, or any action deemed to be interfering with dog(s) during the first seven minutes of shining time unless all dogs declared struck are handled.}
    o Change: For squalling, tapping on trees, pulling vines, or any action deemed to be interfering with dog(s) during the first two (2) minutes of shining time unless all dogs declared struck are handled.
Shining Time
11 (b) {Ten minutes of hunting time may be used to shine tree.}
    o Change: Six (6) minutes of hunting time may be used to shine tree.

Handling Dog(s) on Split Trees
11 (c) {Judge shall give handler permission to handle dog on split tree unless cast is in process of shining a tree.}
    o Change: Non-Hunting Judge may give handler permission (judge’s decision) to handle dog(s) on split tree, even when cast is in process of shining a tree.

Note: A copy of these rules revisions noted above are provided in the club’s Super Slam Event Packet. A total of five copies are included. One for the Master of Hounds and one for each of the four casts.

Super Slam Hunt Time(s)
All First Round casts will hunt for two hours, no exceptions. A dog must hunt the whole two hours in order to be eligible for a cast win and advancing to the Late Round. Late Round casts will hunt for one hour unless a majority of those handlers agree to hunt 90 minutes. The time being hunted in the Late Round must be determined prior to the start of the round.

Championship Points and Wins
Any dog winning its cast in the first round with a total score of plus points will receive UKC Championship points. Registered dogs will receive a First Place win and 40 Championship points. Nite Champion dogs will receive one (1) win towards their Grand Nite degree. Grand Nite Champions will receive a Grand Nite Champion win. The Event Report is filled out by the event official based on first round scores only, in no specific order of placement. Dogs winning their cast without a total score of plus points shall not be noted on the Event Report and will not receive any UKC Championship points.

Dogs Eligible for Late Round Payout
A dog must hunt the entire two hours of a First Round cast and be a cast winner to be eligible for Late Round Payouts. In order for a dog, with the best total score of zero or less, to be considered a cast winner it must have met one of the following requirements:

§ Have plus or circle tree points recorded on the scorecard.
§ Positive strike points recorded on the scorecard for coon caught on ground.

Option to Split Payout
The handlers of those dogs advancing to the Late Round have the option of hunting in a Late Round or splitting the payout. It will take a majority agreeing to split the payout and not hunt the Late Round. Otherwise, Late Round placements will determine the payout for each dog.

All rounds and casts at a Super Slam event will utilize non-hunting judges. Clubs are responsible for and using only qualified individuals as non-hunting judges. The host club is responsible for paying judges, if deemed necessary.

Host Club Responsibilities
The Host Club must use a UKC Licensed Master of Hounds to be in charge of the event. The Host Club is responsible for supplying guides for each cast. Hunting guides may be used except in the Late Round. It is the responsibility of each Host Club to provide a photo of the winners. They must email the photo(s) to UKC in a timely manner to be posted on the UKC website. Additionally, a brief recap of the event, included with the winner’s photos, is appreciated.

Changes or Updates
Any changes to rules and policies relevant to the Super Slam Series will be published in the monthly Super Slam Series page(s) in COONHOUND BLOODLINES and the UKC website. Information found on the UKC website will be considered the final authority. Additional information relative to the Super Slam Series is available at ukcdogs.com.

Super Slam Series Event Approval
Clubs interested in hosting a Super Slam Series event should contact the UKC for consideration. Please email all requests to Allen Gingerich at
agingerich@ukcdogs.com A limited number of events only will be available each year. Based on a full entry of 16 dogs, the Host Club will make an income of $500, after administration and license fees.

Any owner that had a dog advancing to the Late Round of a Super Slam Series Event will be eligible and invited to the 2016 GRAND MASTERS INVITATIONAL to be held on Wednesday and Thursday nights during the week leading up to Autumn Oaks on Labor Day weekend. The dog entered in the Grand Masters does not have to be the same dog that advanced to the Late Round at a Super Slam Series Event; however, it must be a dog that is registered to the same Sole Signatory or any one Successor. Complete details will be announced and posted on the UKC website.