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The United Kennel Club is pleased to announce the Next Generation Spotlight Series. This series has been established to ensure, promote, highlight and recognize the future of the sport. The series will begin on June 1, 2016. With several hundred UKC licensed youth events around the country each year, the opportunities for youth today is endless. The Spotlight Series has been a long time coming and will now shed a light on the Next Generation of our sport.

A special thanks to Ray Conrad, owner of Bright Eyes Light Company and presenting sponsor of the Next Generation Spotlight Series, for his continued support of UKC’s youth programs.

Download a Youth Spotlight Series Points Report Here


Any youth between the ages of five and 17 years of age may compete and earn Spotlight Points. Any youth less than five years of age, or any youth who has reached their 18th birthday is not eligible to participate in a UKC Licensed Youth Event and will not be eligible to earn Spotlight Points.

Junior and Senior Divisions

- Youth from the age of five to 12 will have their points tabulated in the Junior Division.
- Youth from the age of 13 to 17 will have their points tabulated in the Senior Division.

Any youth reaching their 13th birthday on or before May 31 during the year points are being calculated will have their points tabulated in the Senior Division. Any youth reaching their 18th birthday, although no longer eligible to compete and earn points, will retain any points earned previously and be eligible for year-end honors.

Points Awarded

Points will be calculated starting on June 1 of each year and end on May 31 of the following year. Ten points will be awarded to each youth handler who placed first through tenth at any UKC Licensed Youth-Only Nite Hunt. The youth must have a total score of plus points in order to be eligible for placement.á

Ten points will be awarded to each youth handler winning one of the six categories at any UKC Licensed Youth-Only Bench Show. Those categories include Best of Male of Show, Best Female of Show, Champion Male, Champion Female, Grand Champion Male, and Grand Champion Female. Points are not awarded for Class or Best of Breed wins, except for the UKC Youth Nationals, where points are awarded in each age class. A youth may earn points in any one or all of the six categories in the same show. A youth may earn Spotlight Points in any UKC Licensed Youth-Only event and in any state.

Bonus Points Events

Points will be doubled (20) at any UKC Licensed State Youth Championship. There will not be more than one Youth State Championship per state that is a Double Points Event. In the event there is more than one event in any given state advertised as a Youth State Championship, the Upcoming Event listing will denote the State Youth Championship that is approved as a Double Points Event.

Additionally, the UKC Youth Nationals, held in July each year, will be a Double Points Event. No other events, such as Breed Association, YEP! Events, or otherwise will be Double Points Events. Bonus Points Events were established to encourage youth to support their state youth program. A tentative list of Double Points Events are listed on the UKC website.

Recording Spotlight Series Points

There will a separate form included in each Youth Event Packet. Club officials shall record the name and age of each youth that earned points at the event. That form will include information for both the Bench Show and Nite Hunt winners.

Notice to Youth Handlers

Any youth who earned points at the event shall make it their responsibility to give the Bench Show Judge or the Master of Hounds their information before they leave the club that day. Otherwise, UKC or the club is not responsible, and any points earned may not be awarded. This is part of being a responsible youth if you want your points to count in the standings.

Spotlight Series Standings

A list of the current standings will be posted monthly on the UKC website and iná
COONHOUND BLOODLINES. Monthly standings are based on event reports processed on or before the date of the update. Points will be tabulated separately for Nite Hunts and Bench Shows, and by Junior and Senior Divisions.

Spotlight Series Winners

Each year, the winners of each division will be recognized on Saturday at the UKC Youth Nationals. In addition to the recognition, award, and prestige of being a winner in the Spotlight Series, Bright Eyes will present the winner with a special signature Spotlight Series hunting light denoting the winner’s honorable achievement.

Ray Conrad, owner of Bright Eyes Light Company
and sponsor of the Spotlight Series, speaking to
the youth at the 2016 UKC Youth Nationals.

Compiled January 25, 2017 reflecting all youth only event reports processed through that date.

Spotlight on Next Generation

Please email photos to klear@ukcdogs.com

Jessica Connelly - VA

Bailey Harward - IA

Hunter Wisecup - IA

Hunter Bengala - OH

Drew Estep of WV and Isabella Atwell of VA

Abigail Wyer - WV

Wyatt Sowards - WV

Nathan Bozeman - TX

Shaylynn Dunagan - NY