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Lee Crawford 2013 Pup Extravaganza

Thursday, April 18, 2013
Williams County Fairgrounds
619 E Main St, Montpelier OH 43543

Advanced Entry Fee: $50
Day of Event Entry Fee: $100

Limited to 100 Entries
Confirmation Deadline 7 p.m.
Local Time
UKC Licensed Hunt

Pup does not need to have previously qualified for this event. Any Treeing Walker pup born on or after April 18, 2011 is eligible to compete.

• This will be a UKC Licensed Event (2 hour hunt).

• Pup must hunt in their category (Registered, Nite Champion, Grand Nite Champion).

• Must show proof of age (Easy EntryTM Card, Registration Papers, etc.) when dog is confirmed.

• Handler and all owners must be paid up TWB&FA members for 2013.

• All cast winners not advancing to the Final Four will receive $50.

• The four highest scoring pups with plus points will advance to the Final Four.

• Dogs MUST have plus points to advance to the Final Four.

• The Final Four WILL hunt a one-hour hunt-off to determine their placement (separate from UKC Licensed portion of hunt).

• UKC registered rules will be used on the Final Cast.

• Hunting judges will be used in early round.

• Non-Hunting Judge to be used on casts with two or less dogs.

• Non-Hunting Judges on the Final Four Cast.

• Hunting and Non-Hunting guides to be used.

• 70% of entry fee revenue will be paid back to cast winners and the Final Four.

• This hunt is a separate hunt held on the same night as the Lee Crawford Invitational.

• Your dog will receive Championship Points.

• Your dog will receive Performance Points (only if dog is eligible/paid up)

• Your dog will receive cash for winning a cast and/or placing in the Final Four.

• TWB&FA reserves the right to DNA swab/test any dog entered in this event.

For any questions or information contact:
Alan Kalal, 25585 Hall Ave, Faribault MN 55021 • (612) 251-3184