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The Grand Masters Invitational

09/02/2015: Round 1 of the Grand Masters is underway! The Hanna's Creek Conservation Club in Liberty, Indiana is hosting the event. The following listing shows the dogs entered and how they drew out. The...

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2015 Autumn Oaks Bench Show and Conformation Show Judging Schedule

08/28/2015: 2015 Autumn Oaks Bench Show and Conformation Show Judging Schedule Thursday, September 3 Show will begin immediately following close of entries at 1 p.m. Blue Ring - UKC Licensed Conformation Show...

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Above: Video highlights from the 2015 Youth Nationals in Peru, Indiana.

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The Coonhound Advisor
with Allen Gingerich

Q & A (08/11/2015): Entry Fee Check Bounced Q: Occasionally our club will have a participant pay their entry fee with a personal check. We have no problem doing so other than recently we had one such check bounce. After several months and several attempts to resolve the matter the participant will...

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Tailgate Talk
with Corey Gruver

Focusing on the pleasure of hunting tree dogs by recognizing confidence and ability.

The "Hunt Test Dog" (07/13/2015): This month, we will be looking at the “Hunt Test Dog”, and what makes this hound successful within the Hunt Test Program. Anyone that has been involved with coonhounds for an extended period of time has a general idea of what constitutes a pleasure hound. Most would say, if you...

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Editor's Comments
with Vicki Rand

Filling Out the Event Report Paperwork (08/11/2015): Vicki Rand, Editor

Every once in a while, we feel the need to remind everyone to double check everything when preparing the official event paperwork to be sent to UKC. It is imperative that everything be filled out completely and accurately from beginning to finish in order...

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Recent Videos

07/14/2015: Video highlights from the 2015 National Redbone Days in Holmesville, Ohio.... View.

06/23/2015: Video highlights from the 2015 English Days in Greencastle, Indiana.... View.

06/16/2015: Video highlights from the 2015 American Redbone Days in Bellevue, Michigan.... View.

Recent News

Spectators Welcome to Attend Autumn Oaks Coonhound Event Labor Day Weekend in Richmond, Indiana

08/28/2015: UKC welcomes coonhound enthusiasts to the Wayne County Fairgrounds in Richmond, Indiana, over Labor Day Weekend where hundreds of the country’s best coonhounds will compete, September 3-6, in UKC’s 56th Annual Autumn Oaks event.

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Field is Set for Grand Masters Invitational

08/27/2015: The field is set for the Grand Masters Invitational! The dog entered will be determined on the first day of the event and must be owned or co-owned by the qualified owner, who reserved an entry. A...

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56th Annual Autumn Oaks Grand Nite Division Pre-Draw

08/26/2015: The entry listing below shows the initial results of the draw for Grand Nite Division only in the 56th Annual Autumn Oaks. However, it is normal to see numerous changes made on the day of the event...

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2015 West Virginia State Championship

08/21/2015: West Virginia State Championship Sponsored by the West Virginia Coonhunters Association Hosted by the Braxton County Coonhunters Association August 14 & 15, 2015 Sutton, West Virginia Purina Points...

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