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Autumn Oaks

Founded in 1960 in the Midwest, Autumn Oaks is the grandaddy of all UKC events. The UKC National Grand Champions of the seven UKC recognized breeds are named at this hunt held each year on Labor Day Weekend.

Hunt Champions:  

Bench Show Winners:  

Purina Outstanding Coonhound Winners

Sponsored by the Nestlè Purina Company, the Purina Outstanding UKC Bench Show and Nite Hunt Coonhound of the Year Awards is one of the most prestigious of the coonhound world.

Nite Hunt Winners:  

Bench Show Winners:  

World Championship

Every sport has its own main event. This is ours.

Nite Hunt Champions:  

World Show Champions:  

Triple Crown Challenge

The hound that accumulates the most Triple Crown points in the three UKC Triple Crown events – Winter Classic, Autumn Oaks and the Coonhound World Championship is declared the winner.

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Winter Classic

Check out the evolution of Winter Classic and view the years' winners, entry numbers, videos and pictures that date back to 1988.

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