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with Corey Gruver

Focusing on the pleasure of hunting tree dogs by recognizing confidence and ability.

What is a Hunt Test?

05/05/2015: What is a Hunt...

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Club Participation

04/06/2015: Club...

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Understanding the UKC Hunt Test Evaluation Form

03/09/2015: Understanding the UKC Hunt Test Evaluation...

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How to Schedule a UKC Hunt Test

02/16/2015: The UKC Hunt Test Program is one that was designed to be as simple as possible. In a world so technologically advanced and sophisticated, it only made sense to make scheduling an HTX event an easy process completely through our website.

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Hunt Test Evaluation Rules

01/19/2015: Since my first installment of Tailgate Talk back in August of last year, I have been receiving quite a few phone calls and emails about the Hunt Test program.

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