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Tailgate Talk

with Corey Gruver

Focusing on the pleasure of hunting tree dogs by recognizing confidence and ability.

Tailgate Talk

05/19/2016: This month, we will dive into some more scenario based discussion, and how to best handle these particular situations should they arise at a licensed Hunt Test.

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Tailgate Talk

02/15/2016: This month, we will be looking more in depth as to the true meaning of an HTX title.

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The One-Hour Hunt Time

01/25/2016: The One-Hour Hunt...

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To Fail a UKC Licensed Hunt Test

12/14/2015: Failure in the Hunt Test realm can be looked at a lot differently than failure among other avenues of competition that exists in the dog world today. Because a hound fails an exam may not have any bearing on whether that dog is a capable coon tree’er or not. It simply signifies that the conditions and circumstances were not in that dog’s favor on the night of its exam.

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Hunt Test Weather

11/23/2015: Hunt Test...

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