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Coonhound Glossary

Conformation Terms

Abdomen: The belly or undersurface between the chest and hindquarters.

Almond eyes: An elongated eye-shape, describing the tissue surrounding the eye itself.

Angulation: The angles formed by the appendicular skeleton, including the forequarters [shoulder (scapula), arm (humerus), forearm (radius, ulna)], and hindquarters [hip (pelvis), thigh (femur), second thigh (tibia, fibula), hock (tarsus)].

Arm: The anatomical region between the shoulder and the elbow, including the humerus and associated tissues. Sometimes called the “upper arm.”

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Nite Hunt Terms


Nickname for the column appearing in COONHOUND BLOODLINES magazine that serves as the official interpreter of UKC Rules and Policies.

Aggressive Behavior
Behavior displayed by a dog directed towards another dog or dogs that would be considered bad tempered. Face barking, growling, and snapping would be considered forms of aggressive behavior.

Attempting To Fight
A scratchable offense that requires two important elements before it is a violation. A dog must be showing “aggressive behavior” and in doing so, the dog must be “interfering” with another dog.

Authority Of The Judge
1) A time period reference that begins when the Judge is handed the scorecard, and ends when the Judge turns the scorecard in to the Master of Hounds.

2) In the case of hunting vs. non-hunting Judges, they have different levels of authority in scoring dogs and handling questions on a cast.

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