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Effective Immediately: United Kennel Club Announces Changes to Coonhound Single Registration

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KALAMAZOO, MICH., December 15, 2014 – United Kennel Club is pleased to announce changes to the Coonhound Single Registration process to create more uniformity in Coonhound Single Registration overall.

Effective December 15, 2014, the procedures for single registering coonhounds will be changed significantly. The changes to the single registration procedures are the result of an effort to standardize the Single Registration process among the seven recognized breeds of coonhounds.

The most significant changes include:
    · A unified application period, as well as consistent fees and requirements for application.
    · A category of hounds called “X-Bred” to be made up of dogs of unknown ancestry, cross-bred ancestry, and hounds with color disqualifications for purebred breeds. Included in the program is a process for X-Bred hounds to be bred back to purebred status.
    · No longer requiring breed associations to be active in the Single Registration application process, while still granting them the right to open or close their breed to the entry of qualifying X-Bred hounds.

“Our initial objective was only to standardize the single registration process as it had become inconsistent between the breeds and very confusing,” said UKC Senior Vice President Todd Kellam.

“But as we got deeper into the process, the whole idea of an X-Bred category was the solution to many of the challenges facing the single registration of coonhounds. The interesting thing is that the X-Bred category allows breeders the opportunity to outcross to other coonhound breeds should they feel the need to do so to improve the performance of their line of hounds,” he added.

Details of these changes are available below via a narrated video presentation outlining the new single registration procedures and X-Bred designation.

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