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The Coonhound Advisor

with Allen Gingerich

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I’m Not Hearing It!

01/19/2015: I’m thinking some of our Master of Hounds, and most of our competitors, would benefit from a quick discussion on the following topic. That being Masters of Hounds who refuse to listen to questions brought back into them.

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Hunt Directors' Responsibilities

12/15/2014: Hunt Directors'...

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Q & A

11/04/2014: Scoring Dead or Caught Game Q: What is the proper procedure for scoring each of the following situations? 1. Dogs baying a coon in a live trap? 2. Dogs treed, bayed on a dead coon. 3. Dogs carrying a dead coon (a coon they did not catch) in to cast.

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Q & A

09/29/2014: This month’s column features several different scenarios dealing with temperament issues in nite hunts. Hopefully, it will serve to better understand how to deal with certain unique situations ...

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Q & A

08/12/2014: If only one dog remains in the hunt, that dog must hold its tree for five minutes before the dog may be handled. What about at the end of the hunt?

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