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Bench Show Judges Education Seminar

Pre-registration has closed. All pre-registered attendees will receive printed seminar materials when they arrive. WALK-IN REGISTRATION IS STILL AVAILABLE! Please note: only pre-registered attendees will receive full printed seminar materials.
With more than a decade of very successful All-Breed Conformation seminars to its credit, UKC is pleased to announce a series of educational seminars for Coonhound Bench Show Judges. “We’ve done a few seminars over the years for bench show judges at Winter Classic and Autumn Oaks, but nothing to this extent,” said UKC Vice President of Events Todd Kellam. “I would caution anyone who has attended a bench show judge seminar previously to not assume this new series of seminars will be even remotely similar. Nothing could be further from the truth!”

Beginning in 2017, UKC Coonhound Bench Show Judges will be required to have attended a seminar at least once every three years in order to be eligible to judge all major UKC Bench Shows, including: UKC Winter Classic, Autumn Oaks, all Purina Points Events, National Breed Days, and U.S. and State Shows.

The seminars will be held annually at the Winter Classic, Autumn Oaks and World Coonhound Championship Finals. There will be no fee to register for the seminar but pre-registration is required for Judges who wish to receive a seminar packet.

The goal is to offer judges new ways to expand their working knowledge about proper structure and movement as it specifically applies to functional Coonhounds. The seminars will also discuss how to examine a dog and how to see past a good handler to find a good hound. In addition, we have a lot of knowledgeable people in the sport and this will be a great place to share information and ideas about judging.

This seminar has been developed over the past year as a collaborative effort between UKC staff, judges, breeders and veterinarian Doc Birdsall, and UKC’s genetics consultant Dr. Jim Edwards. The seminars will be hosted by UKC Chairman of the Board Wayne Cavanaugh and may feature other keynote speakers.

Thursday, September 3, 2015
Raper Center • 8 a.m. to noon
Break – 10:15 to 10:30 a.m.

During the break, UKC staff will be available to assist seminar participants with entering the Thursday Bench Show for the entire weekend! Take advantage of the discount offered for all shows! $20 when you enter on Wednesday or Thursday! Bench Show sign up will also be available in the Raper Center at the south end of the building.

This is a seminar for Judges who wish to be eligible to judge major events. Be sure to pre-register to be credited with attendance and receive seminar materials. Bleacher seating available or bring your own chair.