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Hunt Rules

1. Advanced Entries only. All entries must be postmarked or submitted on-line by midnight, August 8, 2014. No Nite Hunt entries will be taken at the fairgrounds.

2. Entries received before the entry deadline, but after the predrawn limit of 300 dogs per night has been reached, will be placed on a “Wait List”. They will be used to replace any “not confirmed” entries on pre-drawn casts. Any remaining and confirmed “Wait List” entries will be drawn to scorecards at Autumn Oaks. United Kennel Club reserves the right to combine casts if necessary.

3. Refund Policy: The entry fee will be refunded and mailed out to the owner of any confirmed “Wait List” entry that is refused due to unavailable guides. If a female comes in heat, another dog that is registered to the same individual may be substituted. No refunds. If a dog dies, the Registration Certificate may be turned in at the UKC registration desk. Another dog that is registered to the same individual may be substituted or a refund may be requested. If a dog is injured and cannot hunt at Autumn Oaks, the owner must present a letter from a veterinarian on veterinary stationary and another dog that is registered to the same individual may be substituted. No refunds.

4. Entry fee of $35, payable to United Kennel Club, must accompany each Nite Hunt Advanced Entry. VISA, Master- Card, certified checks, money orders or personal checks will be accepted. On-line entries must be paid by Master- Card or VISA.

5. Hunting Judges will be used on all casts. UKC reserves the right to assign non-hunting judges to any cast deemed necessary.

6. The same dog cannot be run more than one night. Dog must be run on the night scheduled. Switching is not allowed.

7. Entries must be confirmed at the UKC registration desk in the headquarters building by 1:00 p.m. (local time), on the night scheduled to hunt. UKC will start entry confirmation at 9 a.m.

Bench Show Rules

1. In the Stud Dog and Brood Bitch classes, the dogs will be judged on the ground; there will be no benches in the ring. Each of the three dogs that make up the entry must be examined and gaited. There are no special requirements as to who owns, handles or has bred the dogs. Each breed will be judged separately. One winner will be selected from each breed. Each breed-winning entry will then compete for the overall Award - Top Autumn Oaks Stud Dog and Top Autumn Oaks Brood Bitch.

2. In the Bred By Exhibitor class, the dogs will be judged on the ground and on the bench. Dogs must be six months of age or older and be UKC registered. The handler must be the breeder of the dog (owner of the dam at the time of whelping/ person to whom the litter is registered), but doesn’t have to be the owner of that dog. The classes will be divided by breed and sex. All ages show together. (Ex., B&T Male). All male class winners/female class winners will show for Best Bred By Exhibitor Overall Male/Female. The Best Male and Female will show for Best Overall Bred By Exhibitor Dog.

3. To be eligible for the Dual Champions Class the dog must carry a Nite Hunt and Bench Show Champion title (including Grand Champion and Grand Nite Champion). Water Raceand Field Trial titles are not included.

General Rules

1. Buildings and Grounds will be open to exhibitors at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, August 27, 2014. Overnight security is not provided. All times are Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

2. Building and Grounds will be open to exhibitors at 7:30 a.m. Thursday-Sunday. Raper Center will close at 6 p.m. Wednesday- Saturday.

3. Dogs must not be left in the buildings overnight. All dogs must be out of the buildings by 6 p.m.

4. ONLY United Kennel Club registered dogs will be allowed on the grounds. Be prepared to show the UKC Registration Certificate if requested.

5. Limited barn space is available for dogs. Please respect your neighbors.

6. Individuals determined by UKC Staff to have an excessive number of dogs for the purpose of selling or trading and/or individuals with dogs not being cared for or in otherwise poor condition will not be allowed on grounds and will be ejected immediately if not in compliance.

7. No puppies/litters under 7 weeks of age permitted on the grounds.

8. Autumn Oaks, Inc., and Wayne County Coon Hunters are not responsible for loss, accidents or theft.

9. UKC provides clean up bags to be used for cleaning up after your dog. It is expected that everyone will be responsible for keeping their areas and the areas their dogs travel throughclean.

10. UKC is not responsible for loss, accidents or theft. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages, firearms or illegal drugs will be allowed on the grounds or while participating in the hunt or in the buildings the day of a UKC licensed event.