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UKC Youth Events, specifically in coonhounds, have proven to be a huge success all across the United States and Canada. We have reason to believe a youth program in the Hunting Beagle format would achieve the same kind of support from our up-and-coming Beaglers. Who can argue the fact that we need to do all we can to get the kids involved in this great sport?

The United Kennel Club is excited to announce a new Youth Beagle Program for kids age's 5-17 broken down into two separate age divisions. This new program, effective January 1, 2009, will be offered to all National and State Hunting Beagle Association's. For those States that do not have a State Association, youth only events will be available to an approved local Hunting Beagle Club based on selections from those that apply for the opportunity to host a youth only event.

This new program will offer both hunts and shows. All categories will draw out together using Championship Rules as they apply to Champions and Grands. There will be a special youth Championship points structure for Youth Hunts as outlined below. Bench Shows will have the same points structure as any other regular UKC Licensed show would have.

Please watch upcoming publication articles for more information on this exciting new Youth Program for our young Beaglers!



Hunting Beagle Hunt - Two (2) age divisions:
5-12 years old
13-17 years old

Bench Show - One (1) age division:
5-17 years old

Handler may be required to present proof of age to the entry taker. Only one handler per dog allowed. Handler must be enrolled in school or have completed the requirements for graduation from high school.

2. DOG ELIGIBILITY: All United Kennel Club Registered Beagles, including Hunting Beagle Champions and Hunting Beagle Grand Champions, are eligible for running in this event. They will be drawn out together as one class. Owner or certified handler must have in his/her possession the dog’s UKC Registration Certificate (Bill of Sale) or UKC Easy Entry™ Card.

3. RULES FOR RUNNING THE EVENTS: UKC Hunting Beagle Honor Rules, as they apply to Hunting Beagle Champions and Hunting Beagle Grand Champions (even though Registered dogs are hunting), in effect for the year the event is run, with special revisions as required. Only adult, nonhunting Judges, 18 years or older, will be used. Two spectators will be allowed per dog. Spectators cannot, by word of mouth or action, assist handler or dog in any way. Judge can order the removal of a spectator from the cast and the woods for any reason. Children shall not be judged by their parents or members of their immediate family.

UKC Beagle Bench Rules apply to all licensed Youth Event bench shows. The height of show benches may be modified to accommodate youth handlers at the club’s discretion.

4. PLACEMENT REQUIREMENTS: Dog must have a total score of plus points and be a cast winner before being considered for placement. The ten winners will be selected from the top ten cast winners with a total score of plus points from both age divisions. No Winner’s Packs will be run.

5. CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS: Championship Points will be awarded to cast winners with plus points as follows:
a. Registered Dogs - 1st and 2nd place; 40 points and a 1st place win. 3rd through 10th place; 30 points.

*b. Hunting Beagle Champion Dogs - 1st through 3rd place; a win towards Hunting Beagle Grand Champion.

6. There will be a Master of Hounds in charge of each event. The host organization will be responsible for obtaining a Master of Hounds. The Formal Complaint Procedure will be in effect at all licensed Beagle Youth Hunts. If a Formal Complaint is filed, follow the Complaint Procedure on page 59 of the Rulebook.

UKC’s Inherent Rights and Powers will also be applicable as required.

7. Any person intimidating, threatening, or injuring a hunter, Judge, Master of Hounds, club official or UKC Representative: (a) Will be barred for one year up to life from participating in any way (including, but not limited to owner, handler, backup handler, Judge, guide, spectator, licensed Master of Hounds and licensed Bench Show Judge) in any UKC licensed event; (b) Shall be disqualified from having any of their dogs receive any Championship points for one year up to life; and (c) Shall be barred from Registering any dogs in their name with UKC for one year up to life.