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October 19 & 20, 2013
West Lafayette, Ohio
Hosted by Tick Ridge Beagle Club

Day of hunt entries: $25 entry fee.
Entries will be taken both Friday night and Saturday morning.
Friday entries: 4:30 – 5:30 p.m.
Saturday entries: 6 – 7 a.m.
Entry Deadline: Saturday, 7 a.m. All times local.

General Information: This event is open to all UKC registered Beagles. single registration will be available and open at time of entry. All dogs will be drawn out as one category regardless of degrees held. All rounds will be one-hour hunts with exception of the final round. The final round will be a 90-minute hunt. All cast winners of each round will be eligible for the following round.

• This is a UKC Administered Performance Pack event sponsored by United Kennel Club, Inc.

• All dogs, regardless of class (degree), will run together.

• Open to All UKC Registered Beagles

• All Current UKC Performance Pack rules will be followed except where noted in this advertisement.

NBPPA Runoff: This event will be run on Friday, October 18. Dogs qualify via a NBPPA Sectional. Dogs will run within their respective category. Owners with eligible hounds will receive an invitation letter from the NBPPA with complete information. For more information please contact Don Wells, (317) 223-1618.

Permanent Measuring will be available on Saturday and Sunday.

Location: Schumaker Farms, West Lafayette, Ohio

Address: 52441 County Road 16, West Lafayette OH 43845

Directions: From Coshocton go east on Chestnut Street (Thomas’ Steak House is on the corner). Chestnut Street becomes County Road 16. Go another four miles to Schumaker Farms.

Hotel Information:

Coshocton Village Inn & Suites
115 N. Water St,
Coshocton OH 43812

Super 8
70 S Whitewoman St,
Coshocton OH 43812

Country Squire Inn & Suites
275 South Whitewoman St,
Coshocton OH 43812
UKC Contact Information:

United Kennel Club, Inc., Beagle Field Operations
100 East Kilgore Road • Kalamazoo MI 49002
(269) 343-9020 • hounds@ukcdogs.com

Local Contact: Aaron Samsel (740) 502-4083