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2014 Don McVay Sr. Memorial Hunt

09/09/2014: Video highlights from the 2014 Don McVay Sr. Memorial Hunt in West Lafayette, Ohio...

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Double D Dez McVay Memorial Overall Champion

09/07/2014: A four-dog cast, consisting of the three category winners and the Total Dog recipient, competed late Sunday afternoon in a one-hour hunt-off to determine the overall hunt winner of the McVay...

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Grand Champion Hunt @ McVay Memorial

09/07/2014: 1st Place - Squeakin Thru James, 6M, Eric Ballenger, IA 2nd Place - Stacy's MTN Outlaw Tipper, 3F, Jeff Stacy 3rd Place - Hick's Made In The Shade, 6M, Larry Hicks, OH No Photo 4th Place - Buck Lake...

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Veteran Hounds Kick Off McVay Memorial

09/07/2014: A "Large Pack Hunt" featuring several veteran hounds kicked off the McVay Memorial On Thursday afternoon. The minimum age requirement for the hounds eligible for this fun hunt was seven. Denny Dugan...

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Bench Show Saturday @ McVay Memorial

09/06/2014: Don Sr McVay Memorial Bench Show Champion - Moore's G&G Lanbur Harley Don Sr McVay Memorial Total Dog Champion - GRCH Hurry Up...

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Registered Hunt Saturday @ McVay Memorial

09/06/2014: 1st Place - Hurry Up Hard Kash, 3M, Vicki Bassit, Dave Hummel, OH 2nd Place - Thornsley's Mudpuddlin Max, 4M, Max & Valerie Thornsley, OH 3rd Place -& Total Dog Winner - Hurry Up Annie, 2F, Merle...

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Champion Hunt Friday at McVay Memorial

09/05/2014: 1st Place - HBCH Meades Outback Double D Dez, 2F, Brian & Hunter Meade, Warsaw, OH 2nd Place - HBCH Hurry Up Snap, 2F, Vicki Bassit, Dave Hummel, Kelly Smart, Brad Hanners 3rd Place - HBCH 'PR' White...

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Don McVay Sr Memorial Hunt This Weekend!

09/03/2014: Don McVay Sr. was a respected houndsman in central Ohio and the annual event to celebrate his memory has become just as well respected. It has in fact grown over the last 12 years to the point where...

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