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Important Notice: Hunting Beagle Rulebook Changes (Effective April 10, 2014)

Split Track Rules Change. The following rules pertaining to split tracks are in effect and what every cast must go by. These split track rules are those used previous to 2014 and are taken from the 2013 Hunting Beagle Rulebook.

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UKC Announces Changes in Co-Ownership Registration to begin April 15, 2013

Sole Signatory Registration will continue to be optional, if received by UKC on or before April 14, 2013. Beginning April 15, 2013, the Sole Signatory Registration will be mandatory, and a Sole Signatory will then be required for all litters and dogs registered to more than one individual. Any “and/or” partnerships established prior to April 15, 2013, will remain in effect and will continue to hold true for that dog until said dog’s UKC Registration Record is changed.

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All-Star Series Standings

09/30/2014: The latest update includes three Bonus Points Events; the Don Sr. McVay Memorial, the Prunty Classic and the UKC World Championship. Nestle` Purina. Sponsor of the UKC All-Star...

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2014 UKC Hunting Beagle World Championship Hunt Results

09/27/2014: 2014 UKC Hunting Beagle World Hunt Champion HBCH Sundown Willie Brown, 3 M, owned by Don McVay and Dave McVay of Fresno, OH handled by Dave McVay 2nd Place - PCH GRHBCH Runnin Red Oh Yes He Will, 8...

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Full Circle

Q & A (09/29/2014): Recovery Points for Only Dog Struck in on Track Q: Dogs A is struck and is running a rabbit by himself. Dogs B, C and D are not struck in nor do they hark in because they cannot hear Dog A running on the opposite hillside. The wind is blowing away from Dog A, which makes it...

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Previous Installments 

Above: Video highlights from the 2014 Don McVay Sr. Memorial Hunt in West Lafayette, Ohio.

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Recent Videos

04/25/2014: Video highlights from the 2014 Hunting Beagle Nationals in Coshocton, Ohio.... View.

03/28/2014: Video highlights of the UKC National All-Star Chase.... View.

03/19/2014: Video highlights from the 2014 Performance Pack Nationals in Lynnville, Indiana.... View.

UKC World Championship Round 3 Saturday

09/27/2014: ...

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UKC World Championship Round 2 Saturday

09/27/2014: ...

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World Championship Bench Show

09/26/2014: World Championship Bench Show Dixon, MO BSJ - Gary Moore 21 Entered 2014 UKC WORLD BENCH SHOW CHAMPION- CH Long Creek Black Gold Molly Chad Richardson, Omaha, AR GRCH Male and Opposite Sex - GRCH...

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