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Full Circle

Drawing Casts and Judges

04/06/2015: Drawing Casts and...

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Scoring Lines

03/09/2015: Scoring...

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Striking Dogs Hot Topic!

02/16/2015: Several months ago, I had an interesting discussion with Bill McFarland and a few others surrounding a topic that is not only controversial, but that is also being scored inconsistently. It’s not a matter of blatant incorrect scoring, but rather some judges are not clearly aware of the proper way to score certain strike call situations.

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Accurate Direction. “Nice!”

01/19/2015: The term “accurate direction” was mentioned in previous Performance Pack Running Rules on no more than two separate occasions. I find that rather interesting considering that it is a fundamental part of what judges should be looking for when it comes to scoring dogs in the field.

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2015 Performance Pack Format Changes

12/15/2014: 2015 Performance Pack Format...

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