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Judging Privileges Revoked

04/03/2014: Every now and then, UKC deals with matters where Question and Appeal procedures were not followed to correct wrong scorings. An owner or handler will call in to the office in hopes that UKC can “fix” their issue of wrongful scoring that occurred last weekend.

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Rules Review

03/14/2014: Rules Review...

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Rules and Judging Seminars - a New Year’s Resolution for Clubs

02/10/2014: If your club is like most, after a while the same old, same old club meetings month after month, although important as they are, tend to get a little boring.

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Rule Change Clarifications

01/13/2014: RULE 3 (b) POINTS WILL BE PLUS {On strike for all dogs, provided dog was struck in on majority of the track, after any one dog is awarded speed and drive points.} This new rule now awards plus strike points to all dogs after any one dog has scored a line.

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Rule Change Clarifications

12/18/2013: With the recent rule changes for the Hunting Beagle format, combined with what seems like numerous other changes, there won’t be enough space to include everything in one article.

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