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The President of UKC is Wayne R. Cavanaugh, a third-generation dog fancier. His grandfather bred Kerry Blue Terriers, and his father bred English Setters and Beagles. Mr. Cavanaugh has bred show and field titled English Setters, English Pointers and Beagles. He has judged dog events in America, Ireland and Mexico.

He has appeared on behalf of dogs on every major television network in both America and the United Kingdom and has served as co-host of the Animal Planet National Dog Championship television series. He is the co-host of Crufts, the world’s largest dog show, from Birmingham, England for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Mr. Cavanaugh has served as a consultant to the Irish Kennel Club, and has been a presenter at the World Congress of Kennel Clubs in Hamilton, Bermuda and Dublin, Ireland.

Wayne has appeared as the host of television programs and dog event competitions for many networks including Fox, ESPN and the Outdoor Life Network. He has served as Executive Producer, Writer, Producer and Technical Consultant for the Breed All About television series on Animal Planet. He has appeared on The Today Show, CBS This Morning, Good Morning America, CNN, Fox News, FX’s Pet Department, Fox Pet News, Discovery’s Petsburg, and ABC, CBS and NBC News in New York to discuss dog related topics. He has written extensively for dog magazines and is a frequent guest of radio talk shows on a full spectrum of dog-related topics.

Wayne has lectured at most of America’s veterinary schools, and has served on various canine issue committees with the American Veterinary Medical Association, the National Pet Council and the California American Veterinary Medical Association. He served as a Charter Member of the Board of Directors of the Canine Health Foundation.

He has a B.A. degree in Literature from Stockton State College, a Technical Writing Certificate from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and course work in Financial Planning from Baruch College in New York City. In addition to his television and dog activities, he has worked for AT&T in the telecommunications industry, and in the investing business where he served most recently as Vice President of Marketing for Schaefer Cullen Capital Management in New York City. He moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1999 with his wife, two children, their English Pointers, a Beagle and a Coonhound.