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Youth Nationals Saturday Nite Hunt Results
Posted on 07/22/2013 in Coonhounds.

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2013 UKC Youth National Championship
Hosted by the Ohio Sportsmen & Sporting Dog Association
Holmesville, Ohio

UKC Licensed Youth National Championship Nite Hunt
MOH Larry Hawke
Saturday, July 20, 2013
115 entries

2013 Youth National Nite Hunt Champion & High Scoring Redbone: Ryan Frederick, 17 of Celina, TN handled GRCH GRNITECH'PR'COPELANDS TN SWEET BEN, RED, owned by Jessie Lee Copeland, 600+

2nd & High Scoring Treeing Walker: Bryson Bailey of Ohio handled NITECH'PR'VALLEY CREEK COVER PAGE,TW, owned by Grady Stein, 575+

3rd: Wyatt Mellor of Killbuck, Ohio handled GRNITECH'PR'WALTZ' & RISINGS DRAMA-QUEEN, TW, owned by Mike Waltz and Ben Rising, 575+

4th: Alex Secrest, 12 of Lincolnton, North Carolina handled GRCH GRNITECH'PR'R&R'S CUTTER CAIN HTX, TW, owned by Leonard Keever & Stephen Secrest, 475+

5th: Storm Smith, 13 of Friendly, West Virginia handled her own dog GRNITECH GRCH'PR'STORM'S TREEING XSANE JANE, TW, 400+

6th & High Scoring Black & Tan: Ed Murray of Mineton, Michigan handled NITECH GRCH'PR'MICHIGAN ROOSTER, B&T, owned by Steve Osantowski, 375+

7th: Kaleb Barrows, 17 of Moores, Indiana handled GRNITECH'PR'BARROWS HOGAN CREEK MANDY, TW, owned by Chad Barrows, 325+

8th: Trevor Holmes, 12 of Orwell, Ohio handled 'PR'HARD KNOCKIN COLD CASH, TW, owned by Rick Rimel, 325+

9th: Jared Hall, 15 of Grafton, West Virginia handled FCH NITECH CH'PR'KINSEY'S NIGHTTIME TREE BENDER, owned by Allen Chenoweth & Jim Brockleman, 300+

10th: Dustin Harvey, 14 of Kingston, Tennessee handled CH GRNITECH'PR'THUNDER MOUNTAIN BLACK HAWK, B&T, owned by Larry Harvey, 275+

High Scoring English: Colton Painter of Leon, West Virginia handled CH'PR'MUDLICK BUDDY, co-owned by Eddie Lemon

High Scoring Bluetick: Nate Moore of Stinesville, Indiana handled GRNITECH'PR'BIG CREEK BLU CHALK EYES, owned by Jerry Carter

High Scoring Plott: Jeremy Dixon of Shelocta, Pennsylvania handled NITECH'PR'WICKED WINDS FOXXY, owned by Jeffrey Pritt & Kellie Haney

UKC Licensed Youth Open Nite Hunt
MOH Larry Hawke
Saturday, July 20, 2013
36 Entries

1st: Jacob Sprague, 15 of Shelbyville, Indiana handled 'PR'AM XXX MIDNIGHT MAX, TW, owned by Aaron Sprague or Misty Sprague, 375+

2nd: J R McCay, 16 of Cleveland, Georgia handled NITECH CH'PR'BERRYS STYLISH EMMA, TW, owned by Joey Kastner, 325+

3rd: Ethan Ledbetter, 17 of Newark, Ohio, handled his own dog NITECH'PR'BUCK CREEK TUG, TW, co-owned by Elijah Ledbetter, 300+

4th: Brock Hoverstock, 11 of Jeromesville, Ohio handled 'PR'BLUE COTTON CANDY, owned by Mark Hoverstock & Norm Starling, 175+