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World Qualifying Events
Posted on 09/09/2010 in Out On A Limb.

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Todd Kellam

I’d like to spend a little time this month discussing UKC Qualifying Events. We’ll refer to them as WQE’s, which stands for World Qualifying Event, from here on out. These events should be at the top of everyone’s “must attend” list for two reasons. First, the UKC World Squirrel Dog Championship is really turning into a first class event in many respects. This is your one and only ticket to participate in the World Championship. The 2011 World Championship will again be held in Franklin, Indiana, next March. Second, even if you have no plans to attend the World Championship, a WQE is a “bonus points” event, making it highly beneficial to anyone with the goal of putting a UKC title on their squirrel dog.

One important factor that applies to WQE’s that has been coming up lately is that once you qualify your dog by placing in the top ten at a WQE, you are no longer eligible to enter that dog in other WQE’s during that qualifying year. The reason for that is because of the bonus championship points that are awarded at these events. And the reason there are bonus championship points awarded at these events is because qualifying events are a combined entry event running Grand, Champions and Registered class dogs together. Because the competition is tougher, the reward is greater, and rightly so. You may enter as many events as it takes to qualify, but once you qualify by placing in the top ten for the event, you may not enter the qualified dog in any other WQE’s that year. Be clear on that.

WQE’s are run as a combined category event, which means that Grands, Champions and Registered dogs are drawn together. The hunts are also run as combined in that curs and feists are drawn together. The rules as they pertain to Champions and Grands apply. These are one-round events placing the highest scoring plus point cast winners first and then highest scoring plus point non-cast winners next. The top ten dogs are placed. Registered dogs placing first through third receive a first place win. Registered dogs placing fourth through tenth receive a third place win. Champions placing first through tenth receive a Champion win. This is the bonus point structure referred to above. It’s a very good deal for anyone wanting to finish out a dog. But the reason we only allow a dog to place at one of these events per year is to protect the integrity of the UKC championship degrees.

If your club is interested in hosting a WQE, please feel free to contact the UKC Hunting Programs Department at 269-343-9020, or e-mail
hounds@ukcdogs.com, or UKC Field Representative Marty Stanton at 812-343-0958. It is a requirement that the club have prior experience conducting UKC licensed squirrel hunts. We are anxious to get these WQE’s scheduled all around the country in hopes that we have good regional participation at the upcoming World Championship.