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World Championship
Posted on 10/11/2012 in The Coonhound Advisor.

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With the World Championship Zone Semifinals right around the corner, the following notes may serve to clarify any concerns, questions or misconceptions relative to the event.
Bench Show – There will not be a bench show at any zone locations. Those dogs entered in the World Show Championship will go directly to the Finals and confirm their entry on Saturday prior to the posted deadline for the bench show.

Entry Deadlines – The deadline to confirm an entry at all zone locations is 5 p.m. local time on both Friday and Saturday. Any participants not in line to confirm when the deadline expires will not be accepted. The deadline to return scorecards will be determined and announced at the event.

Confirming Your Entry – It is not necessary to present your Confirmation Form to the entry takers at the event. The Conformation Form simply advises/confirms the owner that the UKC has received the entry and has assigned an entry number for the dog. Although the entry has been processed the owner or handler must confirm their entry at the hunt on both Friday and Saturday night prior to the posted deadline. The owner or handler must present the dog’s Easy Entry™ Card or required Registration papers (no exceptions) to confirm their entry. Advanced entries only will be accepted.

Spectators – Spectators are not allowed on any Zone casts.

Veteran’s Casts – There will not be any Veteran’s Casts at any Zone events.

Back-up Handlers – Each handler is allowed to have one back-up handler. The back-up handler should be noted on the scorecard. In a situation where a handler has a back-up handler who has not been noted on the scorecard as such, the judge should simply write the back-up’s name on the scorecard prior to the start of the hunt. The handler will not be scratched from the hunt for failure to list the back-up when confirming the entry. A back-up handler may, in no way, shape or form, be a part of scoring procedures. They will not have a voice in voting procedures. A back-up handler is not required to go to the woods with the cast. They may stay at the truck. In the past it was UKC policy for all back-up handlers to stay with the cast. That policy has revised as noted above.

Judges – Qualified Hunting Judges will be utilized. All judges will be pre-selected in accordance with procedures for such outlined in the rulebook under MOH/HD Guidelines. The Hunting Judge must be at least 18 years of age and possess the experience, knowledge and integrity to perform the duties required. The Master of Hounds (UKC Field Rep) will have the authority to assign a non-hunting judge to any cast deemed necessary at their discretion.

Handlers Responsibility – It is vital that handlers check their scorecard to make sure it is complete before signing it. Two things will get your dog scratched if not completed.
1) Every point in the strike and tree column on the scorecard must show a point value of plus, minus, circle or delete.
2) The scorecard must be signed.

Failure to have these two items on your returned scorecard will result in that specific dog scratched from the hunt (only the dog whose score was incomplete or whose handler failed to sign).
In the case of the World Championship, it is equally as important for those handlers not winning the cast to make sure their scorecard is complete because if a dog is scratched for any reason. That also becomes the end of the road for them.
1) If it happens on Friday night, the dog is out and may not compete on Saturday.
2) If it happens on Saturday then a good cast winning score from Friday becomes a moot point.

Formal Complaints – The Formal Complaint procedure will not be in effect for any part of a zone event. The Master of Hounds (UKC Field Rep’s) decision will be final in any and all matters. If the Master of Hounds has any question/concerns, they do have the authority to contact the UKC’s Program Manager to discuss the matter, at their discretion, prior to rendering a decision. The Master of Hounds is not required to contact UKC to discuss an issue or question at the handlers request should it be deemed unnecessary.

Placements – All dogs must hunt two hours on both Friday and Saturday night to be considered for placement in the event. If a dog is scratched, withdrawn for any reason, or minuses out on Friday night, it will not be eligible to hunt on Saturday night.

The number of dogs advancing from each zone will be based on a percentage of the total number of entries overall. The number advancing from each zone will be announced prior to the calling of casts at each zone by the Master of Hounds. Any two-night Cast Winners will place in accordance to combined highest scores followed by single cast win high scores.

Championship Points/Wins Awarded – Any Nite Champion dogs advancing to the Finals will receive a Nite Champion win. Any Registered dog placing first through sixth, and advancing to the Finals, will be awarded a First Place win and 40 Championship points. Any Registered dogs placing seventh or beyond, and advancing to the Finals, will be awarded a Third Place win and 30 Championship points. Any cast winners not advancing to the Finals will not receive any Championship points or wins.

Awards at the Zones – All Zone Placement Awards and giveaways will be presented to the owner or handler on Thursday at the World Championship Finals when they confirm their entry.