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Winter Classic Judges Announced
Posted on 11/30/2012 in Coonhounds.

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The UKC is pleased to announce the Bench Show judges for the 2013 Winter Classic in Batesville, Mississippi. Each of them brings their own unique experience and capable qualities in respect to this prestigious event. Participants are assured their coonhounds will be in great hands under the following individuals.

Eugene Allhands shown here with his wife Linda.

Gene and Linda Allhands have enjoyed a 52 wonderful years of marriage. Gene and Linda have two daughters, one son, three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Republic, Missouri has been home to the Allhands and recently they have also enjoyed some of their time in Colorado as well. Gene currently works as a representative for Black Gold Dog Food.

Gene Allhands has been a breeder of Redbone Coonhounds since 1966. He has been judging coonhound shows since 1974. Some of those major shows include, UKC, PKC and AKC World Shows, Autumn Oaks, the Grand American, UKC Chartered Breed Association shows and State Association shows.

“I would like to thank the UKC for asking me to judge a portion of the Winter Classic in Batesville. It is an honor”, says Gene.

Gene will be judging on Friday which includes, the Dual Champion, Top Ten and Registered classes.

Photo to be posted soon.

Flat Rock, North Carolina is home to one Lisa Beddingfield where she lives with her husband Shane and their two boys. Shane and Lisa have been married 10 years and each of which had a son. Ironically, both have the same name of Austin. One is 15 and the other 18.

Lisa works full time at North Carolina Farm Bureau. She’s been involved with coonhounds now for 11 years. She is a proud member of the Southeastern Black & Tan Association, National Plott Hound Association and the North Carolina State Coonhunters Association. For the past three years Lisa has played a part in the organization of the bench show portion of Saluda Coon Dog Days and will be heading up organization of the 2013 Southeastern Black & Tan Days.

Her past UKC judging assignments include the Youth National Championship, Georgia State Championship, Southern Redbone Days, Southeastern Treeing Walker Youth Championship, North Carolina State Youth Championship and many other local shows.

If you would have told me 12 years ago that Coonhounds would be such a huge part of my life, I would have told you Coonhounds, what’s a Coonhound? But luckily for me Shane became a part of my life and so did Coonhounds. Shane had been involved with coonhounds for years when we meet and had traveled the country with his best friend Clint Pace and his family. When I came along Shane had a beautiful B&T named Deacon and I just fell in love with him. Unfortunately, we lost him a short time later. It was a few years before we decided to get back into it and I wanted a dog to show.

My first coonhound was my dear Lily - a GRCH English Female who is now 8 and stills lives at our house. Six years ago Clint had a litter of B&T puppies and my life changed forever. I have been truly blessed with GRCH Melrose Mtn Amazing Gracie my beautiful B&T female. Together we have traveled the country and have been very blessed with some amazing wins along the way. Black and Tans are our primary breed and we currently have three in our kennel. We also have my English female, a Plott male and our riding partner “Puddles” our Rat Terrier.

The friendships that we have made along the way are invaluable to us and we are blessed to say that some of our best friends are from the coonhound world. I am truly honored and humbled to have been asked to Judge the 2013 Winter Classic and am truly looking forward to judging such a prestigious event for UKC and my fellow Coonhound enthusiast”.

Lisa will be judging Saturday which includes the Champion and Grand Champion classes. She will also select the 2013 Winter Classic Champion from a class consisting of the Dual Champion winner, the Registered, Champion and Grand Champion category winners.