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What Your Fellow Hunters Have To Say About The UKC Hunt Tests
Posted on 11/09/2012 in HTX = Coondog.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It. Listen To What Your Fellow Hunters Have To Say About The UKC Hunt Tests
“I think the HTX Hunt Test is a wonderful thing. A dog really needs to be on its game, and pass all on its lonesome. There is no pressure or trying to be smarter than people on a cast. It’s just you and your dog, and is like being on a pleasure hunt.”
Jeff Barnes, Vale, North Carolina

“I have been trying to get UKC Licensed Hunt Tests at our club for a couple years. This year we finally pulled the trigger, and Molly was able to get a pass on her first try. Got deep on the first drop, and she was under a coon when we got to her as the hour expired. That night was a complete success as the other two hunters with us also got a pass. Clyde Little of Booneville, Kentucky, and GR NITE CH GR CH ‘PR’ Extreme Skipper HTX scored on a coon, as did Kip Osborne and GR CH GR NITE CH Paint Creek Little Slugger HTX. In my opinion, the Hunt Test Program is a great addition to the UKC Coonhound Program.”
Virgil Cole, Altro, Kentucky

“These HTX hunts are great. I plan on hunting in more this spring and summer.”
Eric Dodson, Asbury, Missouri

“My name is Joshua Houston. I am 17 years old and from Connelly Springs, North Carolina. My dog is ‘PR’ Sid’s Loud N Rowdy. He is a Treeing Walker and was two years old in June. He has one HTX test pass. I think the HTX program is great. I think all dogs in competition hunts should have an HTX title. It shows that they can tree a coon on their own.”
Joshua Houston

“This is my Spot dog. He’s 40 points away from NITE CH and one hunt test away from an HTX certification. I think the HTX is one of the best things to come along in a while. The HTX represents what we as hunters strive for in all our dogs, the ability to strike, trail and tree a coon in a timely manner. The HTX is the only way to prove this to the general public.”
Shaun Honea, West Minster, South Carolina

Upcoming Hunt Tests
November 16, December 14, Reform, AL, Pickens County CHA, Harry Ott, 205-375-8248
December 14, Star City, AR, Glendale CHA, Jason Hamilton, 870-377-2485
November 1, Bushnell, FL, Sumter County Coon Hunters Club, Tom Bard, 352-793-5082
November 8, December 6, Bowdon, GA, Indian Creek Coonhunters Assn., Jason Robinson, 770-315-9779
November 14, December 12, Waco, GA, West Georgia CHA, Phillip Winters, 404-569-6168
November 5, December 3, Casey, IL, North Fork Coon Hunters Club, Tracy Vernon, 217-232-7308
November 30, December 8, Charleston, IL, Coles County Coon Hunters Assn., Jeff Ashmore, 217-218-2251
November 17, Salem, IN, Washington County Coonhunters, Mark Lykins, 812-896-2073
November 26, December 16, Lake Village, IN, Newton County Rabbit & CHC, Jim Stinnett, 219-808-2646
November 5, Mt Washington, KY, Bullitt County CHC, Butch Glass, 502-922-4274
November 6, Elizabethtown, KY, North Central Kentucky CHC, Butch Glass, 502-922-4274
December 8, Darlington, MD, Raccoon Club of Maryland, Audrey Downer, 410-457-0295
November 10, November 24, Kinder, MO, Southeast Missouri CHA, Larry Elliott, 573-475-9681
New York
November 9, Medina, NY, Orleans County Houndsmen & Conservation Club, Ernest R. Stephens, Jr., 585-303-1001
November 10, Van Etten, NY, Chemung County Coon Hunters, Randy Smith, 607-216-7284
Competition: Hunt Test Updates

North Carolina
November 5, Vale, NC, N.C. Tri.-County Coon Club, Stephen Creason, 704-400-9529
November 6, Delco, NC, Columbus County Coonhunters Assn., Shannon Buffkin, 910-409-3122
November 9, December 14, Lincolnton, NC, Lincoln County Coon Club, Mike Warlick, 704-477-8377
November 1, November 15, Jefferson, OH, Ashtabula County Coonhunters Assn., Tony Smith, 440-858-3157
November 2, Greenwich, OH, Rural Coonhunters Inc., Robert Biller, 419-618-1525
November 2, McClure, PA, Union County Coonhunters, Bill Lash, 717-543-5896
November 16, Greenville, PA, Mercer County Coonhunters, Todd Turner, 814-382-7881
West Virginia
November 4, December 7, December 14, Inwood, WV, Tri State Houndsman Assn., Steven Cain, 304-283-1408
November 16, Keslers Cross Lanes, WV, Mid State CHA, Kathy Bays, 304-872-9297