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United Kennel Club Announces Revisions to Dog Events Department Judging Conflict Rules
Posted on 09/09/2013 in Dog Events.

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For more information, contact judges@ukcdogs.com

Kalamazoo, MI. September 9, 2013. UKC has revised some of its judging conflict rules, effective January 1, 2014, to allow our judges to be more active in the events they love. The most significant change is that conformation judges can now exhibit in performance events, but still not in conformation events, at events held in conjunction with their conformation judging assignments.

UKC offers a wide array of events, most of which do not create a conflict with conformation events; however, the differences in these events made it necessary to re-examine some of the judging/competing restrictions. Restricting competition in other events on the same day a judge is officiating at a conformation event inhibits judges from accepting assignments for clubs because in some instances they would rather be an exhibitor at that particular event.

Performance judges have also historically been held to the same standard and not allowed to exhibit on the same day they have an assignment (unless the back-up judging system was in place). The back-up judge system only allows judges to compete in the same event in which they are judging. Performance judges will now be able to enter any other events on the same day that they are judging as well.

There have also been additions and clarifications to the back-up judging system, the most significant of which is that judges will be eligible for awards and placements in any event in which they are competing in on the same day they are judging, except if they compete in the same trial that they are the Chief/Head judge.

Please refer to, and familiarize yourself with, the entire new policy as there are severe consequences for interrupting or delaying competition if you are a judge and wish to compete on the same day. These consequences have been included in the policy and are very clear.

We have provided a link to both the revised policy, as well as to some FAQ’s to assist in your understanding of the changes, to effective January 1, 2014. All rulebooks will be updated to include inserts in to the proper sections. The “effective dates” of the rulebooks will be updated as well to reflect this change.

We believe the new policy is straightforward and easy to understand, will ease some of the burden of clubs being able to hire judges, and that judges will no longer have to choose between judging and exhibiting. If anyone has any detailed questions regarding this new policy or any questions on judging and exhibiting, please send your questions to judges@ukcdogs.com or give us a call at 269-343-9020.

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