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United Kennel Club Announces Additional Registration Option Online Litter Registration
Posted on 11/10/2015 in Coonhounds.

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For immediate release
United Kennel Club Announces
Additional Registration Option
Online Litter Registration

For more information, email onlinelitters@ukcdogs.com

KALAMAZOO, MICH. November 10, 2015 – The United Kennel Club is proud to announce the option to register litters online will be available beginning Tuesday, November 10, 2015. We hope our customers are as excited about the new opportunity as we are.

The United Kennel Club Registration Department has always striven to provide a timely turn-around time for the processing of all litter applications, knowing that our customers want to present each of their puppy buyers with an Application for Permanent Registration. By using this option, breeders will be able to submit completed litter applications via the UKC website, speeding up the process even more.

An additional benefit to using the online litter application is a flat fee discount, and waiving of the litter application fee, when five or more puppies are permanently registered when the litter application is submitted.

Customers who submit an Online Litter Application will receive an email verification. The UKC Online Litter Registration System will then automatically email the sire and dam owner(s) for confirmation, therefore it is mandatory that valid email address(es) be included on the application. Once the verifications have been received, the litter application will be processed within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays), and the paperwork will be mailed the next business day.

Want to know more? Follow the links below to the online tutorials.

UKC Online Litter Registration Video Part I

UKC Online Litter Registration Video Part II

Ready to submit an application? Follow the link below.


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