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URGENT—help end BSL in Michigan!
Posted on 10/05/2015 in Your Dog, Your Rights.

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The home state of UKC is on the verge of something very big: please help Michigan join the ranks of 19 other states and prohibit BSL statewide! Senate Bill 239 would prohibit any county, city, or town from enacting new or enforcing current laws that are “based solely on the breed, perceived breed, or type of dog.” Breed specific legislation has been proven in multiple locales and through various statistics to be ineffective, costly, incredibly difficult to enforce, and has caused thousands of dogs to be needlessly euthanized simply because they were stereotyped as dangerous due to their appearance only. Prohibition of breed specific legislation also protects a person’s property rights in their interest to responsibly own the dog of their choice.

SB 239 is up for a vote this week. PLEASE contact your Senator and urge them to support this historic and important legislation that is vital to one of UKC’s most cherished breeds.

Find your Senator here: http://www.senate.michigan.gov/fysbyaddress.html

UKC position statement on BSL: http://res.ukcdogs.com/pdf/BreedSpecificLegislation.pdf

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