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UKC Welcomes Upper Midwest's "Heartland Classic"
Posted on 12/21/2012 in Coonhounds.

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United Kennel Club welcomes the Heartland Classic to its growing list of premier coonhound events. In a very short time the Heartland Classic has developed into the upper midwest’s showcase event. That is purely a reflection on the hard work and dedication of the Heartland Houndsmen Federation. Seven years ago they set their sites on building a showcase event on the north edge of America’s “heartland” and they haven’t looked back since. With goals of further increasing participation in the event, the Heartland Houndsmen Federation teams with UKC to take their event to the next level.

Board Chairman Erika Froeming had this to say: “As chairman of the Heartland Federation Board, I would say that we are very excited about the 8th Annual Heartland Classic this year. We are pleased to being staying in beautiful and bountiful Mineral Point, WI. The area, being home to plenty of raccoons, good dogs, and truly great people, promises a good hunt each and every year. We also moved the hunt into the spring to offer better conditions for hounds and handlers. Another big change for us was driven by an extremely loyal UKC following. This year we look forward to enhanced growth with UKC's diverse event offerings; bench show, water race, field trial, and nite hunt. The Heartland Houndsmen Federation will always strive to offer a fair but challenging nite hunt, and quality event for all involved. We will also continue to offer an outstanding prize to the winner of the hunt...a brand new ATV! The Wheeler Hunt this year is giving a 2012 Polaris 4x4 ATV to the winner of the weekend. Locals will remember that we need to sell LOTS of raffle tickets to make this happen! Thanks to all interested and involved. We are looking forward to the best year yet!”

UKC’s Allen Gingerich: “We are thrilled to be a part of the Heartland Classic. Those organizers involved are an outstanding group of individuals led by Dave Pollard, Jim Paulson, Ben Downing and Erica Froeming that know how to host a major event. We look forward to working with them in their efforts of growing the Heartland Classic to its potential and also offer our loyal UKC supporters another premier event to add to their calendar. Bring your family, your friends and a couple coon-getters and be prepared for a good time. If you think you’ve seen some big’uns, wait til you see some of those cheese-headed, ring-tailed whoppers in Wisconsin”!

The 2013 Heartland Classic is scheduled for May 10th and 11th. Watch Coonhound Bloodlines magazine at the UKC website for complete event details. United Kennel Club will be represented at the event and encourages everyone to come on out and support the Heartland Houndsmen Federation in their effort to provide the upper Midwest with one of the top events in the country.