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UKC Rally Obedience Judging Approval Process
Posted on 07/16/2012 in DED News.

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KALAMAZOO, MI, July 16, 2012

The UKC Dog Events Department is excited to announce the addition of an apprenticeship process for new UKC Rally Obedience Judge Applicants. When an event has shown sufficient growth, it is common to require additional judging requirements for Judge Applicants. These additional requirements are set in place to ensure that the rules are well understood, and to create and foster consistency in rally obedience judging. The new apprenticeship program and requirements are in the UKC Judges Handbook section XIII. “Completing an Apprenticeship” & “Provisional Judge” page 19. http://res.ukcdogs.com/pdf/2011UKCJudgesHandbook.pdf. We have added it at the end of this announcement for your convenience.
We would also like to announce the new Senior Rally Obedience judge status. With the addition of requiring UKC Rally Obedience Judge Applicants to apprentice, the UKC Dog Events Department has also appointed several of the existing UKC Rally Obedience Judges to the Senior status. These judges may begin accepting apprentices. The Judges that have been appointed the UKC Senior Rally Obedience Judge status have been contacted individually and can be found in the UKC Rally Obedience Judge’s Directory page. http://www.ukcdogs.com/Web.nsf/WebPages/DogEvents/JudgesRallyObedience

If you are an existing UKC Rally Obedience Judge and have any questions about your current status or would like to request Senior status, please e-mail us at performance@ukcdogs.com. You can download the form to apply for Regular or Senior status on our downloadable forms page. http://www.ukcdogs.com/Web.nsf/WebPages/DogEvents/Forms

We would like to thank all of the UKC Clubs, Judges, and Exhibitors who have seen this sport grow into a fun, well rounded, enjoyable event.

Judge’s Handbook Section XIII. (pg. 19)

Completing Apprenticeship. Upon satisfactory completion of the minimum requirements listed below, an Apprentice Judge will be eligible to be licensed as a UKC Provisional Rally Obedience Judge.

1. Serve as an Apprentice Judge at three different UKC licensed Rally Obedience trials where there is a minimum number of 36 dogs participating in each trial or until the apprentice meets or exceeds a cumulative
total of 100 dogs judged during their apprenticeship assignments. If the minimum number of 100 dogs judged is not completed within the three required apprenticeships, additional apprenticeships will need to be applied for until the minimum number of dogs judged is met.

2. Apprentice for and receive favorable recommendations from at least three different UKC Licensed Rally Obedience Judges.

Provisional Judge. Once approved by UKC as a Provisional Rally Obedience Judge, a person must serve
as a Provisional Judge for a minimum of two years before being eligible to move into the Senior Status. During the provisional status the Provisional Judge:

1.Must judge a minimum of 4 weekends and 16 trials of Rally Obedience Events.
2. May not accept any apprentices during this period.
3. A judge who has not met the above minimum requirements during their Provisional Status shall remain at the
provisional level until these requirements are met. In the interim UKC will continue to evaluate the performance of the Provisional Judge.
4. Upon completion of the Provisional Status, the Provisional judge may apply for regular or Senior Rally Obedience Judge Status.
Regular and Senior Rally Judge status. Once the provisional requirements are complete a provisional judge shall apply to become a regular status or senior judge. A regular status judge may not accept apprentices, while a senior status judge may begin to accept apprentices upon UKC approval.

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