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UKC Premier Specialty Update
Posted on 11/13/2012 in DED News.

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I know a lot of you are wondering why we are moving the specialties to Wednesday and not having them on Thursday after the Top Ten Prelims and Juniors. Some of you might have been at Premier last year and for those that were there to the end a few of those days might remember that they were some very long days before the shows were finished up. The major reason for these long days was our entries are growing every year. Not only are our entries growing but the numbers of breeds competing in conformation was up by 20 breeds this year. That is enough breeds to fill another group at the end of the day. So right after Premier we were faced with the problem that the event was growing to be too large to be able to fit into the same schedule that it has done in the past, for so many years. After many meetings on how to improve and make the event better the next year we came up with the solution to move the specialties to Wednesday. With this move there also came a shift to other events. All Stars and all of Top Ten are going to be held on Thursday. Yes, this is going to include the Top Ten Finals that would be normally held on Friday evening after the show. It used to be that on Friday we had plenty of time after Best In Show to get everything setup and ready to go and also allow the staff to be ready to go. The past couple years this time has been less and less with the growth of the event. Having the Top Ten Finals on Thursday will allow us to get an earlier start on finals and be able to set an actual time for the finals to start. I hope that you all understand that this was a change that was needed. We are looking out for our exhibitors and their dogs, our judges who spend all day on your feet judging and also our staff, these are all long days for everyone.

With these changes we understand that there could be a drop in the entries for your specialty and that is going to hurt the club financially. So with that in mind we are going to make a change this year in the contract. In past years there was a Ring Rental fee that was $ 2.50 per dog entered on top of the $1.50 per dog recording fee totaling $4.00 per dog for the specialty clubs to have an specialty with Premier. This year we are going to do away with the Ring Rental Fee and only charge the $1.50 per dog recording fee. We hope that this will help out your club and your club can continue to hold your event with Premier in the future. It is your events that have helped make Premier the great event that is. and we want you to continue to be a part of the future success of the event.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact me directly

Thank you for you continuing support to UKC.

Tony Vacha,
Executive Director, Conformation Events