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UKC Now Accepting Applications for Nosework Officials!
Posted on 03/03/2014 in Dog Events.

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March 3, 2014, Applications for Nosework Certifying Officials and Hide Officials may be submitted to UKC, Dog Events Dept. for approval.

Nosework Officials Application.

Questions should be directed to judges@ukcdogs.com

List of requirements for Certifying Officials:

Certifying Officials. A certifying official will be in charge of the hides, they will also be required to hold an “Officials briefing” for all hides and elements that day. Certifying officials will be the official in charge of the Handlers briefing. They will be monitoring all elements of the UN1-5 Trials and are required for all individual element trials except container trials. If a club is hosting an individual element trial they will only need to hire a certifying official, and they will not be required to hire a hide official.

Requirements for application of certifying officials. Any of the following will be considered for certifying officials:

· Already approved NW judge through NACSW, United States NW Association, or the United Nosework Association.
· Trained or handled a dog to a NW3 title.
· Trained and handled dog(s) for a police department, military, or privately owned company in detection work.
· Trains and provides detection dogs to police departments, military, or privately owned companies.
· Trained and handled dogs for search and rescue
· And pass a written exam over rules and procedures

List of requirements for Hide Officials:

Hide officials. Hide officials will be the individuals overseeing an individual element of a UN1-5 trial. These officials are also eligible to officiate for Pre-Trial classes, and all levels of container trials. A hide official will be the individual responsible for scoring an element at a UN1-5 trial. This person will have to be capable of recognizing when a dog has identified the scent, recognize the alert behavior and compare the demonstrated behavior to the behavior as provided on the score sheet for each dog. It is also the responsibility of the hide official to know when a fault shall be assessed in all instances. Wind direction and other detailed information must be covered by the certifying official in the officials’ briefing each day for each trial. Following are the requirements for application, any of the following will be considered for hide officials.

· Any person qualified to become a Certifying Official.
· Nosework Instructors for all levels.
· Tracking Judges
· Trained and handled a dog to a TDX and/or VST or equivalent title
· Trained and handled a dog to a UD title in any organization.
· Licensed as a Schutzhund, French Ring, or Mondioring Judge.
· Trained and handled a dog to a SchH1, Ring 1, or MR1.
· Trained and handled dogs for search and rescue
· And pass a written exam over rules and procedures.

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