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UKC Junior Rulebook Changes News Release
Posted on 11/26/2013 in Dog Events.

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United Kennel Club Announces 2014 Junior Rulebook Changes
For more information, contact conformation@ukcdogs.com or performance@ukcdogs.com

November 26, 2013 – The United Kennel Club is excited to announce new changes coming to the UKC Junior Program, effective January 1, 2014! The Dog Events Department is always looking for new and exciting ideas to encourage junior participants.

A major change is the addition of a UKC Total Junior program, designed to reward juniors who participate in performance events and Junior Showmanship. All clubs offering Total Dog recognition at their events will also be required to recognize the Total Juniors. The qualifications for the Total Junior award can be found in the revised UKC Junior Rulebook.

Juniors who participate and earn Total Junior awards at events will be awarded points for the calendar year. The Top 5 Total Juniors will be updated on the UKC website throughout the year. At the end of the year, the Top 5 Total Juniors will be mailed a certificate of achievement and also receive special recognition.

Another major change will be the classes offered. We have adjusted the age range of the Sub-Juniors to allow the addition of a Pre-Junior class. The ages for the Sub-Junior class have been revised for children 4 years of age and under 6 years of age. Sub-Juniors will not be placed, and parents are allowed to assist the junior in the ring.

The Pre-Junior class will be for children 6 years of age and under 8 years of age. Parents will not be allowed to assist in this class, and the juniors will be placed first through fourth. The first place junior will not, however, participate in Best Junior Handler. All other Pre-Juniors that do not receive a placement will be awarded a participation ribbon offered by the club. If a club chooses to offer prizes for the Pre-Junior class, the prizes must be available for all juniors participating, regardless of placement.

The final major change is the requirements for moving from the Novice to the Open showmanship classes. Juniors who compete in the Novice classes will not be required to move to the Open classes until they defeat an open level junior for the Best Junior Handler award. Remember, Juniors may choose to exhibit in the Open classes, but if they do they are ineligible to compete in the Novice Classes.

All of the above changes are included in the 2014 Junior Rulebook.

2014 UKC Junior Rulebook
UKC Total Junior Form

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